Dippin’ Dots brought to school store


Londen Peebler, Reporter

Maize students happily welcomed new Dippin’ Dots frozen yogurt packets into the school store this week. The little packets come in 4 flavors: Cookies ‘n Cream, Chocolate and Vanilla, Redberry Sherbet, and Cookie Dough. 

BPA sponsor Dana Handy heard about the idea from a former teacher who still subs at McPherson. Dippin’ Dots were gaining rapid attention at other schools and are beginning the same craze at Maize. Handy said they plan to rotate them throughout the year to keep the snack versatile and new. 

Junior Kadyn Dohlman works in the the school store and said it’s been increasingly more busy with the arrival of the new treat. 

“Our other best seller was slushies, but I think Dippin’ Dots might outsell those,” he said.

They’ve sold a total of 150 within just the first two days of their arrival. The snack sells for $2.50 per package. 

Handy said that while there are strict guidelines to follow when incorporating new foods into the school store, it’s always exciting to find something new. 

“These meet the guidelines,” Handy said. “I’m constantly looking for things that meet the guidelines and any time I find something I try to add it.”