Winter homecoming approaches next week

Miccella Chenoweth, Reporter

Design by Mia Hennen
Winter homecoming week is Feb. 10-14.

With homecoming just a week away, here is what you should know to be prepared for homecoming week.

The homecoming dance will be held on Friday this year instead of the usual Saturday that the homecoming dance is usually held on.

“The administrators wanted us to have a Friday night dance, and we thought it might be a fun change especially since we have don’t have school,” sophomore Elyce Pfeifer said.

For this year’s homecoming, students will also have the opportunity to dress informally since the dance is right after the homecoming game.

”You’re not going to go to a basketball game in a formal dress,” junior Cora Bartlett said.

The theme for the dance is “Roaring 20s.” The dress up days for the week will follow a similar “decades” theme.

”Monday is ‘past me,’ so middle school trends like silly bands. Tuesday is ‘present me,’ so just dress trendy,” Bartlett said. “Wednesday is ‘future me.’ Wear what college you’re going to or whatever your future job might be.”