Caleb Hicks prepares for baseball season through cross country

Morgan Beham

Senior Caleb Hicks will be playing baseball in the spring.

For the first time, senior Caleb Hicks ran cross country to get in shape for his senior baseball season.

“I definitely tried to be the best runner that I could be even though I’m not stereotypically a runner and I don’t look like a runner,” Hicks said. “But I was always trying to make improvements and overall that was for the spring baseball season.”

Hicks knows he isn’t the typical cross country runner, but he still asked Rankins if he could run for his cross country team.

“He wanted to get a little fitter [and] tone himself a little bit,” Rankins said. “Running can be a definite way to tone yourself to lose some of the unwanted pounds.” 

Hicks said he enjoyed cross country but it will never compare to his love for baseball.

 “A lot of my family has played it, including my dad,” Hicks said. “And so I really wanted to take after him, and I use him as a really big role model.”