Choose kindness

Rayne Rekoske, Reporter

It all started when my mom met my dad. They fell in love and they had my two sisters and my brother. Then finally they had me, the favorite (just kidding). Hi, I’m Rayne and my life is kinda crazy. Okay in all seriousness though, my life has actually been “kinda crazy” and not like most others. Most people would describe me

Ellie Steele
Senior Rayne Rekoske at a photo session with her sister-in-law.

as sweet, bubbly, happy all the time, smiley, and many more. But there’s a lot more to me than what people see at school.

I think most of us have been there as well. People get an image in their mind of others before actually getting to know them. Nobody really knows what anyone is going through. My advice to you is to choose kindness. I know you probably hear this a lot and sometimes it’s hard to do. Trust me I know. 

Everyone goes through something whether it’s big or small. For me my biggest challenge has been hiding behind my smile. I go through things like normal teens such as stress, thinking about my future, homework, and others. There’s more than just that though. My family doesn’t come from a lot of money. I had to get a job right after I turned sixteen. I learned very quickly on how to manage money, and I’ve been paying for my phone and car since I got a job. There’s more than just those things but I won’t go into detail. 

I’ve always tried to look at the brighter side of life. You could say I look at the glass half full rather than half empty. I try to not let things like what people say about me or what’s going on at home affect me personally. Some things are easier to rub off than others, but it always feels good when I have people by my side that I know are there for me when I need to vent. 

The point is there’s more to people than what you normally see. You don’t know what someone’s home life might be like or what is going through their head. Choose kindness over anything. Be there for people when they need it most. You don’t have to know what someone is going through to give sympathy. If someone comes to you needing to vent, just listen. You don’t have to give advice or think you have to respond. Trust me from experience, the best thing to do is listen and be there for them. Give them that helping hand. Here’s a quote that is very well said. “Stop hating on people because it’s their winning season. You have no idea what they lost during their losing season.”