Students accepted into KMEA All-State Jazz Band

Peyton Samek, Reporter

Sam Bartlett
Band students march into the Kansas State Fair.

Seniors Britton Beggs, Alexia Whitley, Audrey Farrel, junior Melody Prater and freshman Sam Ritchie were accepted into the KMEA All-State Jazz Band. The band will preform in Wichita this Feb.

“I practiced every day with my private instructor,” Ritchie said. “This was the first year they accepted freshmen.”

Typically only juniors and seniors are accepted. Ritchie said this doesn’t intimidate him because he’s used to working with older kids.

“I was sick the day I tried out and didn’t think I would make it,” Ritchie said.

KMEA’s website said “the kids involved have a bright musical future ahead of them.”

Ritchie said this experience will challenge and increase musical ability for everybody involved. He said he is excited to try out next year.