Hannah Soderstrom receives large donation

Madi Hay, Reporter

Scott Soderstrom
Hannah Soderstrom receiving donation from DeVaughn James.

Hannah Soderstrom is a junior at Maize and battled leukemia starting her eighth grade year, and is now in remission. During these past few years she has started an organization called ‘Even Mermaids Get Leukemia.’

The purpose of her organization is to help children that have cancer to get back on their feet.

“It is to help children like me just get back into being a normal kid again after going through chemo,” Soderstrom said. 

She has had many companies donate money to her to help with her organization. Her biggest donor so far is DeVaughn James. 

“The first time they gave me 500 dollars and the second time they gave me 1200 dollars,” Soderstrom said.

She said she was thrilled to receive the donation. 

“I started balling. They surprised me at my school and I was super excited because it was so out of the blue,” Soderstrom said. 

Chandler Oliverson is in charge of organizing donations that they make to organizations. 

“We pick non-profit organizations that are really affecting the community, as well as people of our community and we just thought they were a good fit,” Oliverson said. “We like their message and like what she is doing.”

Oliverson said that Soderstrom is an amazing girl sharing an amazing story with the community.