Regal Red yearbook wins All Kansas

Paige Youngdahl, Reporter

Thanks to the hard work of last year’s yearbook staff, the book won an All Kansas Award.

“When you submit your yearbook to KSPA to be critiqued they give it a rating,” 2018-19 advisor Anne Debes said. “The highest is the all Kansas rating. If you get all Kansas it basically is both a rating and an award.” 

Editor Meredith Frahm was in charge of making sure everything ran smoothly during production. 

“There’s a lot of good things about it,” Frahm said. “I really liked our concept because it was our hundred and first edition so we did like an insider’s guide.”

Debes said the staff put in hard work from start to finish.

“We started planning it at the end of July and started working on it,” Debes said. “We didn’t finish the yearbook until the first week of June.”

Frahm said being an editor has changed her perspective this year.

“My freshman year was crazy,” she said. “As a staff member you don’t really understand how big of a deal it is, but then once you’re an editor you really get to know why editors in the past would obsess over it so much.”

Debes said she is proud of the staff for being recognized as All Kansas.

“My yearbook staff came up with a unique idea,” Debes said. “They really put together the design and all the ideas with not a lot of input from me.”

Although, the ideas are not the best things to the staff. The staff got so much closer in the process.

“We had a really good time,” Debes said. “Even though sometimes it was stressful, I feel like we just really bonded as a yearbook family.”