Early graduates celebrated at senior farewell

Kyerra Snyder, Reporter

Mia Hennen
Early graduate Conor Sample getting congratulated by Broadbent at the Senior Farewell.

As the end of the first semester approaches. many seniors are graduating early. Two of those students are Kody Hoskinson and Payton Chavez.

Both of early completers had different reasons for graduating early.

“I realized I didn’t have any business to keep on going because I already finished all my prerequisites,” Hoskinson said. 

Along with Hoskinsons reason for graduating early, Chavez said he did it so he can pursue his nursing career.

“I chose nursing because I like helping people,” Chavez said. 

Hoskinson also said he is planning on attending college but to be a guitar and saxophone teacher. 

“I have been playing both instruments for 8 years now,” Hoskinson said. “My friends inspired me to play the saxophone and Jimmy Page [from the band Led Zeppelin] inspired me to play the guitar,” he said. 

All seniors will walk at graduation on May 14, 2019.