Art students’ work displayed at Future Forward

Sascha Harvey

Juniors Taylor Ingram and Wren Johnson had their art featured in ShiftSpace’s third annual Future Forward, an art show dedicated to exhibiting local high school artists. The show took place December 6th and is sponsored by WSU School of Art, Design and Creative Industries.

Ingram encountered this show while she was at a portfolio review event. 

“People at the college and local artists, professors … reviewed it and critiqued me on things that they liked and things that were good and then things that needed to be worked on,” she said. “People at ShiftSpace … were g

oing around and picking out art that they wanted to display so they took a painting of mine and my white charcoal [drawing].”

Future Forward is an important event that introduces high school students to local artists and often is the next step to professional art showcasing.

“This is my first high school professional art show,” Ingram said. 

Johnson had a drawing, a digital art piece, and a sculpture displayed. In total, 19 young artists had their work showcased and exposed to other students like them. 

“It’s good to know other artists as an artist,” Ingram said.