“Stuff the Turkey” food drive runs this week


Junior Alahni Caldwell places a ticket in one of the teacher’s prize boxes. There are a variety of prizes offered, from gift cards to food.

Preston Hunt, Reporter

Each December, students may recognize the familiar line of cans that stretches all the way from the commons to the math hall, which was created by KAY Club as a part of their “Deck the Halls” food drive. This year, however, KAY has swapped their halls for turkey boxes as they instituted a new “Stuff the Turkey” drive.

KAY president Lauren Fuhrman said it is easier and more beneficial to have the drive a month earlier.

“We found that there were quite a few food drives going on around Christmas,” Fuhrman said. “We figured if we moved one of them up it might get more participation.”

KAY senior board member Isabelle Elmore said she hopes more students will be able to donate due to the drive being held earlier.

“Christmas season can get a bit hectic,” she said. “It’s just a little bit easier for everybody to prepare and get their items.”

KAY first offers their items to Maslow’s Closet, a school pantry to help those in need. The remainder will be donated to the Kansas Food Bank. KAY equips high school students to participate in different community service activities like this.

“It’s given me many opportunities through all of the service projects we’ve done,” Fuhrman said. “It’s helped me be a better leader.”

This year, students have the opportunity to earn tickets in exchange for their donated food or money. These tickets can be entered into raffles where students can earn prizes from teachers. These prizes include free gift cards, food and even extra credit.

Fuhrman said she thinks these prizes will encourage students to bring in more cans and hygiene products.

“I hope that it will engage more students because it’s earlier and one of the first opportunities they get to be involved” Fuhrman said.

“Stuff the Turkey” will run through Wednesday this week.