Drama performs comedy “Boeing, Boeing”

Janeth Saenz, Reporter

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The drama department will perform “Boeing Boeing” the play on Nov. 7, 8 and 9 in the Maize auditorium. 

Senior Casey Loving, a lead in Boeing Boeing, is playing as a man named Robert. The production is about a man named Bernard who has three fiance’s, all from different airlines, and his friend Robert tries to help him keep them all separated from each other when they’re all in town the same weekend.

“He [Robert] starts the show as a big dork and he sort of doesn’t know how to do anything and just by being thrown into situation after situation he gains confidence and skill,” Loving said. “He learns from every experience that he’s thrown into and I related to that a lot.”

Loving has spent his time rehearsing lines in multiple ways to get certain reads of jokes.

“I really always wanted to do a farce comedic writing and acting,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to the audience seeing it because a comedy is as good as its audience, so if we have a group that comes in that just loves it and is very receptive to the jokes I know i’m going to build off of that.”

Senior Lyza Heeb is playing as Gretchen, the German air hostess, and fiance of Bernard. She has been a part of other shows including “Into the Woods,” “Seussical” and “Shrek the Musical,” as well as all the choir shows for the past three years.

“I’m most excited to get to know Gretchen a little bit more throughout these next few weeks. She and I have a lot in common,” Heeb said.

Heeb said she is excited to display her role on the stage.

¨It’s been so much fun, it’s such a fast show that we’re putting together,” she said. “It’s a farce which means it’s a very physical comedy so some of it comes off like very cartoonish, so it’s just so funny.”

Junior Gavin Wright, a system director for Boeing Boeing, gives the cast physicality notes, blocking notes, and stages scenes. In the past, Wright has worked on shows that include  “Shrek”, “Seussical”, “Into the Woods” and a 39 step last year in the drama department.

“It was fun to block them because I know who they are as people and I think that can elevate how the scene goes, because I know where they excel,” he said. “I could see the common trends of how high school actors are and it was nice to analyze how they work so I can always better my craft as well.”

Wright’s favorite thing to do is blocking scenes. He did an average of fifteen pages with this plays cast.

“It’s nice getting to just work with them, and it’s a great cast because they’re okay with me giving them things to follow along with and they’re awesome,” he said. “They’re the best cast I could have ever asked for.”