PowerPrep brings ACT prep class to Maize


PowerPrep will be at school Tuesday and Wednesday to provide ACT prep classes to students. The classes will cost $55 for students.

Londen Peebler, Reporter

PowerPrep will be at Maize on Tuesday, Sept. 17 as well as Sept. 18 for ACT prep classes.  The class includes review material to help students prepare for the standardized test and will include strategies for improving your composite score.

The student fee will be $55 with checks payable to Maize High School and will take place in the lecture hall. Carolyn Devane, the creator of PowerPrep, has been teaching ACT prep classes since 1999 and has developed a system that improves efficiency and accuracy when taking the ACT. 

“I think the most helpful thing is the strategies,” she said. “Most students don’t realize that ACT is a test of strategic thinking, and once they understand that they have to approach each question with strategies in mind, then the test becomes easier and most students score higher.”

Several student testimonies were advertised by the school along with the sign-up sheet to show how the class can help those going into the test. 

“I took the ACT in April and wanted to improve my score,” one student testimony said. “Then I took the ACT power prep class in May and also did the timed practice tests at home to help prepare. On the June ACT, my overall score went up 5 points and my science score went from 24 to 36! This class was the key! I truly learned the strategies needed to improve my score”.  

Devane said that she would recommend taking her class and its benefits to any students hoping to improve their scores. 

“It’s well worth the low cost of it and it is worth the students’ time,” she said. “I think it is hard to beat the cost of it for the benefit a student gets out of it.”