Student enrichment grant applications are live


Lily Robison, Reporter

The Maize Education Foundation is now accepting applications for the fall semester student enrichment grant. Any 7-12 grade student in the Maize school district can apply and receive a grant up to $500. This grant can go toward school activities such as robotics, culinary or debate competitions, camps, club events, school trips and more. The deadline is Oct. 16 at 4:30 p.m.

The Foundation will no longer accept hard copies of applications and instead will collect and look through them using their new online application portal on Kaleidoscope.

“One of the biggest changes this year is that all of the applications […] will be online through a new platform called Kaleidoscope,” Education Foundation executive director Travis Bloom said.

Last summer, senior Connor Mitchell received a grant to attend a debate camp in Kanza, KS. Mitchell said the camp was expensive, leading him to apply for the grant.

“There was some hoops to jump through, but overall it [the application] was pretty straightforward,” Mitchell said.

As of this year, seniors can also apply for the enrichment grant provided they meet a set of criteria.

“Seniors can apply as long as the activity for which they are applying takes place during the school year before graduation,” Bloom said. “If it happens during the summer, they should be representing the school district in some way.”

Bloom said he hopes the grant can give students chances that they may otherwise not receive due to financial burdens.

“It [the enrichment grant] helps us meet our mission and our purpose in creating programs and providing funds that support innovative learning opportunities and things for students that will help make them better students and better citizens,” he said.

There will be a Student Application Workshop from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 9 in the Maize South Middle commons. If a student wants help filling out an application, whether it be for the Student Enrichment Grant or a job application, they can attend the workshop.

“The workshop is free,” counselor Jennifer Cashman said. “We [the counselors] will provide volunteer coaches for 10-minute sessions for students seeking […] guidance in filling out applications.”