Foreign exchange students come to Maize

Lily Robison, Claire Morgan, Reporter

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Pete Iseman
Australian exchange student Levi Curtain plays soccer for Maize High School this year. He is on the varsity team.

Students Tomke Julifs, Basile Chevrel and Levi Curtain are foreign exchange students this year. The students express the differences between their hometowns and Kansas, why they decide to come to the United States.

All three students came from different places. Julifs from East Frisia, Germany, Chervel from Brittany, France and Curtain from Sydney, Australia. The language was the most challenging thing for them all but they are adjusting. 

“I think the language course is [the hardest] but it’s not that bad. I thought it would be worse but I think I’m doing really good,” Julifs said.

Curtain said that some other differences are that in Australia you drive on the other side of the road, it is much hotter in Kansas that Australia and you are able to hunt kangaroos.

Chevrel said he wanted to improve his English. He started learning English when he was 8.

“I came here [the United States] to improve my English, discover new people and new culture,” Chervel said.

Each of the students said the hospitality at Maize was great.

“Nearly everyone here is so polite and everyone is friendly and open minded,” Julifs said. “I think that teachers are very friendly too.”