Maize patrons to vote yes on bond

Dylan Wittorff, Reporter

The Bond Election is Aug. 27. The election poses two questions.

UPDATE: Both Maize bond questions pass. With all precincts reporting, Proposition 1 gets 85 percent of the vote. Proposition 2 gets 77 percent. Voter turnout was 11.6 percent. 2989 people voted. Results are unofficial. Source:

The Maize school district is growing too quickly to maintain itself. To address the issue the school board put out a two-part bond for Maize residents to vote on. 

The first half would allow the district to build two new fifth through sixth grade intermediate schools, and the second bond would increase funding for existing schools plus build a new auditorium and pool.

“We are at, in some schools, 100% percent capacity,” Chad Higgins said. “We have to create new space. There is really not another option”

Without these bonds passing the district would be stuck with overflowing schools and little funding to expand. 

“I do not like to be a doomsday-er, but it is devastating,” Higgins said. “We have to have the schools and we have the space, but if this does not pass the [school] board will have to hold an emergency meeting.”

In response to the dire situation Vote Yes for Maize Kids started a campaign to spread awareness on the issue.

“As a community,” the Vote Yes for Maize Kids site said. “It is important to continue to provide the support and possibilities for students both now and in the future.”