Students play live worship music outside of school

Abby Turner and Paige Youngdahl

Senior, Mitch Adamson, and Junior, Tate Johnson, playing worship music outside of school. Adamson and Johnson have played outside of the school building in the morning.

Senior Mitch Adamson and junior Tate Johnson, have been singing and playing guitar in the mornings outside of the building.

Adamson and Johnson aren’t just singing music as students walk into school, rather they are singing worship music.

“The main goal is just to sing for Jesus,” Adamson said. “I think people think I am singing for them and that I want money, but it is all for Jesus.”

Adamson and Johnson decided to play worship outside of school because they both play musical instruments and wanted to witness about Jesus. They also performed together at the end of the school year talent show together last year, as well as Adamson being a part of the worship team at his church.

“Mitch and I are good friends,” Johnson said. “We played at the talent show last year. He [Mitch] invited me to play guitar outside of school, it is good to worship with someone that you are friends with.”

For Adamson, this wasn’t just about playing worship music for himself or with his friends, but to share the gospel.

“The gospel is something I want everyone to see,” Adamson said. “I want people to feel the love of God just as I have recently with my faith awakening again. I came back to the faith I originally had, but hadn’t walked with in a long time. I feel like in America we have the opportunity to not be ashamed of the gospel, so I want to others to feel that too.”