Lockers removed from English hall

Madi Hay, Reporter

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Madi Hay
New work space in english hall where lockers were removed.

At Maize, most students do not use their school lockers on any sort of regular basis. Because of this, several lockers have been taken out of the English hallway to create more room.

Janitors Garrett Wiebe and Shawn Miller took out the lockers at principal Chris Botts’ request after staff noticed how little the lockers were being used. The space will now be used for a work space, creating more seats available for students.

“As far as we know those are the only two areas [for work spaces] that would be out of the way and not in the way if we have a fire drill or anything like that,” Wiebe said.

Miller said he is glad that the space is now being used for something students can enjoy rather than something they don’t use.

“They have a more comfortable space to do their homework in,” he said. “I think it’s an A-plus idea.”