Seniors make KU cheer team


Remington Young and Breeana Smith are senirs who cheered for Maize. Now they are both going to KU to be cheerleaders.

Kyerra Snyder, Reporter

Seniors Breeana Smith and Remington Young are taking their skills from cheer to the next level at the University of Kansas (KU).

Young and Smith both believe they worked hard for this and said they are glad that all their hard work has paid off.

“It is honestly an honor to make this team and very fulfilling,” Smith said.

Smith has been cheering for 12 years and said that she wasn’t ready to be done.

“I worked so hard leading up to tryouts and I am glad it paid off,” said Smith.

Young says it has always been her dream to be a KU cheerleader since she was a little girl.

“I did gymnastics before I started cheer and my gymnastics coach introduced me to competitive cheer at Eclipse and from then I knew,” said Young.

Both girls said they are super excited to be a KU cheerleader and to cheer at the next level.

“I am excited for the tradition and school spirit at KU games,” Smith said.

Leading up to the decision they both said it wasn’t just about how good the cheer team is but how good of an education they would get as well.