When I’m Gone

Students predict where they will be in 10 years.

Lily Robison, Reporter

Arissa Brown

Hopefully somewhere out there performing! I would love to go to New York, but as long as I’m on a stage doing what I love, I think I’ll be just fine.


Alex Fugarnio

I see myself drowning in college debt.


Felix Kompcinski

Being an architect in New York.


Allison Linton

I see myself as a high school band director.


Bailey Mcdonald

Being a freelance artist and starting a family.


Katelyn Parks

I see myself traveling the world. I want to travel to every country. In 10 years, I hope to be doing volunteer work in a third world country.


Mary Severt

I see myself living in the midwest working at a laboratory in their bioengineering lab. I hope that I can be financially stable in order to start a family in ten years.


Abby Wray

I see myself with an amazing career in broadcast journalism with a family.


Halie Jones

Somewhere rich on a yacht.


Caleb Zinabu

In 10 years, I see myself as a venture capitalist. I’m going to share my wealth, which I’ve accumulated from the previous 10 years as the CEO of my own software company. I’ll live in either San Francisco, Chicago, or New York City. I’ll have a wife, 2 kids, and a dog named chance. I’ll own an NBA team, and I’ll drive an Audi R8.


Tanner Ohnmeis

Ballin with my bros.


Keegan Johnston

I see myself working a production manager at a theatre in Chicago or New York.


Jonas Ybarra

Being an Interior Designer.


Marin Garcia

Either as a CEO of a company I make with my cousins or a fisherman off the coast of Cuba.


Olivia Elmore

I see myself working as a physical therapist for trauma patients, super rich, possibly married, and definitely with a big dog.


Makena Frazier

In 10 years I hope to be living on the west coast, working with wildlife, and living environmentally clean.


Tamara Lopez

With a family in Texas doing graphic design/ being a tattoo artist.


Emily Moore

I see myself continuously performing violin and teaching, but also hopefully having my own therapy/ music therapy practice.


Marisa Moore

In ten years, I’ll probably be a 2nd grade teacher, wife, and mother to two kids living in Arkansas with like five puppies.


Tori Moss

Hopefully working in a Dental Office as a Dentist.


Krista Phillips

Working with kids everyday which is going to make me so happy. Also having my own studio and creating my own art.


Jacob Schonhoff

Married with kids and possibly owning my own engineering company.


Nicole Vick

Living in a tiny home, and owning my own chiropractic-plus kinesiology office.


Dylan Carroll

As a police officer with the Wichita Police Department.


Nolan Palmer

CEO of my own prosthetic company.


Debra Ramirez

I see myself not in high school anymore well hopefully.


Rielly Bannon

fresh out of school and helping the youth through psychiatry.


Abryelle Rizzo

I see myself adopting lots of shelter animals to give them the happy life they deserve.


Max Glaze

Master Electrician Foreman with a hometown business.


Hope Reasoner

I see myself as a married music teacher who does side jobs of back-up singing for music artists in Nashville, Tennessee.


Bailey Birkolz

I see myself as a dance teacher in Kansas City choreographing for shows and dancing to my heart’s content.


Ryann Redinger

I see myself travelling the world to make it a better place with my husband, children, and pet pig.


Richard Bach

Hopefully, I will have a wife, a kid, a stable job, and lots of love. If not, in a big, extravagant house all alone.


Kenzi Barragan

Hopefully have a family and succeeding in whatever career I end up having.

Emma Bise

In ten years, I’ll be working with disabled kids as an occupational therapist. I’m so excited!


Cassidy Blew

Having a blast just chillin in life.


Isabelle Bowdre

settling down somewhere and being comfortable in my life? hopefully not dead.


Alex Broyles

Hopefully having passed the bar.


Autumn Brummer

Working in broadcast.


Ashlyn Bugbee

I see myself being a pediatric pa.


Taylor Bugbee

A doctor making bank.


Janna Busker

Being a teacher and a youth pastor, and married to my love!


Aiden Campbell

Probably enjoying being 28 years old.


Hunter Clark

Living a good life with a wife and kids.


Isabelle Edwards

Hopefully finishing up my degree, maybe living in Seattle, Washington, working for the medical examiners office there.


Carson Elman

I see myself working as a Physical Therapist!


Ryley Elsea

Being a hot doctor, married with lots of puppies: happy.


Catherine Erickson

Hopefully helping little kids in underdeveloped countries.


Bailey Griffin

Working at an automotive company and not living in Kansas.


Teagen Guerrero

New York Fashion week.


Vanda Hale

Hopefully not at home still.


Amber Harris

I see myself with a nice job doing something I love. Hopefully not completely in debt. Also maybe able to pay things on my own.


Isaac James

Being a Wichita Firefighter, living out in the country with 3 kids and a hot wife.


Kendyl Johnson

In 10 years, I see myself with my husband watching our son’s t-ball games.


Konrad Kahnert

Maybe a girlfriend (probably not), a job at a software company, no kids.


Kat Krantz

Napping (hopefully).


Devin Ladehoff

With a good job.


Elyse Magnuson

Graduated from college.


Emily McGinnis

I see myself teaching whether it be somewhere in the U.S. or maybe in another country. I also see myself married and if I have a kid I guess that is ok.


Jonathan Mercer

Preaching. I want to have a family, so hopefully that will also be a thing.


Heaven Monzingo

To be honest? I have no idea what the future will bring, but hopefully I’ll have a small apartment by then, with plenty of plants, and I’m kind of considering being a foster parent.


Jared Murphy

Working in a hospital not in Kansas.


Maddie Neigenfind

Graduated from WSU with my bachelors, going back for my Masters in psychology and working in a detention facility for juveniles. Happily married and hopefully living somewhere warm.


Eli Owings

I’m mexico fishing.


Shalee Prichard

I hope to be almost finished with medical school, and looking for a place to move and settle down to start my career and family.


Jacob Quiggle

teaching and coaching in Arkansas.


Nicholas Reiswig

I see myself as a doctor working in Kansas City.


Laney Rogers

Hopefully getting ready to get married and have my own place and a job I love.


Hailey Ross

Hopefully livin life to its fullest.


Brandon Sisco

Working in North Carolina.


Morgan Thomas

no idea.


Brittany Vogel

Possibly married and starting a career.


Logan Voran



Jaredd Weber

Doing Residency.


Madelyn Wedman

Doing something in the business industry but something with baking or even art.


Charly Woods

I hope that in ten years I am starting a family, and have a good stable job. I am hoping that I will have good relationships with my kids that I teach.


Abby Wray

I see myself with an amazing career in broadcast journalism with a family.


Hailey Beckmann

In 10 years, I see myself living the dream. I hope to be saving lives in a hospital somewhere on the coast with a husband and maybe a little kiddo. I want to be close to my family while traveling all over the world


Caitlyn Rice

In 10 years, I see myself engaged or possibly married, working at a game company such as (unity, square enix, ect.) creating/designing storylines and characters for video games.


Remington Young

Hopefully I will be a successful doctor.


Crosby Woods

Being a tattoo artist in Colorado.


Caden Raile

I dunno honestly.


Nicholas Vasilescu

A radiologist physician working in a hospital.


Sadeja Horne

I see myself in 10 years in design school studing fashion with a decent amount money(unless I meet a rich guy then I marry him and love my life how I want)


Karis Helm

I see myself being married, possibly having children, and being an elementary school teacher.


Linday Adams

I see myself happy with a family and working in an Architecture firm.


Alaina Cunningham

Happy hopefully.


Derek Kratzer

Working a as a civil engineer and hopefully a project manager.


Connor Gooding

Hopefully enjoying life with a family and working for younglife.


Hannah Piros

Practicing law in either San Diego or somewhere is Texas.


Jacobb Weber

Not sure.


Hunter Garrison

Working somewhere in the sports management field.


Adrianna Sweat

I see myself as a history teacher hopefully with a girlfriend, hopefully.


Paige Mottin

In ten years, I see myself living in either California or New York, being very successful with my career, owning my own hair saloon, and have a big happy family.


Dylan Taylor

Hopefully, I will be a college graduate and will be looking towards starting a family.


Rielly Bannon

Fresh out of school and helping the youth through psychiatry.


Jordan Helm

Good enough to be in The Show.


Abryelle Rizzo

I see myself adopting lots of shelter animals to give them the happy life they deserve.


Savannah Read

Being a youth pastor at a church with my own family.


Caleb Grill

I see myself either playing professional basketball somewhere or being a college basketball player somewhere.


Max Glaze

Master Electrician Foreman with a hometown business.


Evelyn Garia

I see myself teaching at an elementary school somewhere other than Wichita. Hopefully I’ll be traveling every summer as well. And who knows I may be married with a kid or two.


Nathan Naputi

In severe debt.


Austin Vickery

Hopefully working in a aircraft engineer field.


Isabel Hadley

Hopefully working on owning or owning my own interior design firm. Have at least two kids, a wonderful husband, and lots of animals.


Daniel Sickler

On some military having the best life a military police officer can have.


Alec Stephens

Living in Asia.


Devon Koehn

Successful with a family.


Hope Reasoner

I see myself as a married music teacher who does side jobs of back-up singing for music artists in Nashville, Tennessee.


Odessea Olien

In crippling debt, maybe trying to start a family.


Elijah Mitchell

Having a good job.


Kaylie Hansen

Working on my medical residency.


Tanner Cunningham

Being a cop.


Ashlyn Whorton

Living in Texas, married, with a few kids. Definitely a stereotypical suburban, soccer mom.


Ethan Sampson

Personal Financial Advisor.


Jordan Claeys

I’d love to be a high school English teacher, potentially at Maize High School. Perhaps married if I find the right person and fostering children.


Ginevra Agostini

I don’t know.


Makenna Meyer

As a preschool teacher, married with kids.


Clara Broberg

thriving but also probably in debt.


Elijah Maples

In ten years I would like to have already graduated college and hopefully have started a career in whatever field I eventually decide on. This could be in computers or media. Thinking about getting married or at least finding someone who would be down for that would be cool. I’d also like to have a decent savings with a small investment portfolio by then. Oh, and maybe a cat.


Olivia Elmore

I see myself working as a physical therapist for trauma patients, super rich, possibly married, and definitely with a big dog.


Lillie Williams



Garrett Stanley

I see myself working as an Athletic Trainer.


Ashley Massie

I would love to have my own hair studio.


Saylor Booth

Living in California and going hiking everyday.


Hiep Nguyen

Living my Christian way with my wife and maybe kid(s)


Hannah Wilcox

Being a nurse.


Devlin Wolke

I see myself working at either Koch Industries or Spirit.


Brianna Allen

Somewhere with an amazing family working as a Physician Assistant.


Breeana Smith

I see myself out of school and working and possibly with a family.


Riley Hunter

In residency on my way to become a doctor.