See You Again

Students describe their dearest memories

Emma Bise

I got to go to France with Mme. Nitcher and several other students spring break of 2018. While we were in Avignon, we were eating lunch at this little outdoor cafe when a homeless dude sat down across the street and started playing the accordion while his cat sat on the sidewalk next to him. It was both the funniest and most wonderful thing I have ever witnessed.

Autumn Brummer

My favorite moments were [when we played] trashketball in Mrs. Debes’ room junior year and the boys would just be so hyped about getting that 10-point shot.

Nicole Dowell

In Honors English 10, Superintendent Higgins walked in on 16 girls sitting in a circle and crying over “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls. We had been sharing our abusive stories from our childhood and relating it to the book. When the bell rang, we asked Brooklyn DeForeest why she was crying, and she exclaimed, “My family is just so nice!”

Vonda Hale

I took a band trip to St. Louis and went to Fox Sports Live to eat… on St. Patrick’s Day. That was real exciting, and our band director pulled us out of there pretty quickly.

Kendyl Johnson

Freshman year when Collin Lee wore his cheer uniform to school when we did not have a game.

Konrad Kahnert

One time I wrote a rap about Clarence Darrow (the pro-evolution guy from the 1900’s) for a class project. I even made the beat in FL Studio. It was pretty bad.

Jonathan Mercer

On a band trip, I ripped my pants at the Chicago Bean.

Krista Phillips

One time in class with Mr. Shue, a girl jokingly called him old, so he threw clay on her face right in front of Mr. Frye.

Abby Wray

Driving 32 hours to and from Florida for nationals was wild. Being in a car with 10 people for that long is crazy and brings people together in a funny way.

Arissa Brown

Choir kids love to pull pranks on each other— so much so that we often engage in “prank wars.” In class, sometimes the boys would blockade the doors by laying on the hallway floors, or the girls would collaborate with Mrs. Prater to pull an “Andy’s coming!” style prank.

Isabelle Edwards

One night at a swim team dinner, the girl hosting decided to take us out on her paddle boat. The paddle boat only fit four people, but we had six squeezed on it. We got about halfway across the lake behind the host’s house and suddenly the paddles stopped working. We were stuck. I still had my swim suit on from practice, so I ended up having to jump in and push the boat back. It took longer than it should have because I was laughing so hard.

Savannah Read

My freshman year in PE Concepts, I got body slammed in a game of soccer by two soccer players (on accident). I ended up going to the nurse because I couldn’t breathe, but I can laugh about it now.

Keegan Johnston

Proof, MHS’s fall play, was selected as one of the top three shows in Kansas to perform at Kansas Thespian Festival, a theatre conference, for a few thousand high school theatre students in Kansas. I was proud to represent MHS alongside the rest of my cast.

Hope Reasoner

Our choir went to Disney World over Thanksgiving break and my friend had an allergic reaction to cashews on the trip, and we almost had to call the ambulance, but when we called his mom to tell her what was going on she didn’t believe us because she thought it was a joke. We had to put Mrs. Prater on the phone for her to actually believe us.

Olivia Elmore

I am still haunted from what happened at basketball tryouts my freshman year. I have celiac disease which means I cannot eat gluten, and what do you know, the first day of tryouts I ate a huge burrito with a flour tortilla that I thought was gluten-free.    

When I showed up for tryouts, I had a really bad stomach ache which I mistook for butterflies. These “butterflies” made me projectile vomit all over the gym floor during the warm-up lap at tryouts, in front of everyone, including the coaches, including the upperclassmen, and I was so so so embarrassed. And that’s the story of when I didn’t make the basketball team.

Joel Gaddie

Alec Stephens and Dominic Smith are two of the most outrageous people I have ever spent the night in a hotel with. One of the most vivid memories I have comes from the Nike Cross Country Regional race in South Dakota my junior year, where Alec and Dom were going ballistic in our room to the point where one of them launched a cup of yogurt at the wall and it sprayed everywhere. Almost immediately following this, Coach Rankins came to lecture us about attempting to force feed Calvin Murrell chocolate milk (another story for another time). Coach Rankins came all the way into our room and rested around the corner of the yogurt wall, placing his hand with his fingers spread out on the wall covered in yogurt, but he missed all of it. The tin foil lid for the yogurt cup was plastered to the wall directly in between his thumb and his pointer finger, and he began to lecture us for 5 minutes about being idiots (we deserved it), then turned TOWARD the yogurt wall and left without realizing a thing. The second the door closed behind him on the way out, everyone in the room burst out into the most raucous laughter in my entire life, and it left a permanent memory of the fun times in a hotel with Alec and Dom.

Devin Ladehoff

The time the marching band was performing on the football field during the fall sports extravaganza, and Mr. Kirk screamed at everyone to get off the field and go to the band room right in the middle of our performance. We all sprinted inside with our instruments thinking we were in major trouble, but it ended up being that there was a thunderstorm on the way, and we couldn’t stay outside any longer!

Maddie Neigenfind

Hands down the trip I took to Chicago with a few kids from my Newsmag class. Nothing will beat trying to sleep on the bus ride home and hearing at like 3 in the morning from Abby McCoy and Ryann Redinger “Pablo, why aren’t we alive?” from the back of the bus. Chi-town = 10/10.

Eli Owings

Winning the football game against Great Bend setting the new school record.

Allyson Prebble

When I first got my car I wanted to learn how to drift, so I took it out when my mom wasn’t home and tried to drift around the corner off 119th from asphalt to dirt, landed in a muddy ditch, and almost hit a tree and got stuck in the mud. Eventually we flagged down a hick and an old dude both pulled my car out the first time then put it in the other side of the ditch. It took them three tries to get my car out finally did (keep in mind my mom was still at work). I was so freaked out. My friend who was with me had to take me home. We washed of my car real quick, and 5 min after all the mud was cleaned off my mom got home. (She still doesn’t know that story to this day.)

Nick Reiswig

One memorable experience from high school has been winning most entertaining award at the talent show with my friends.

Nicole Vick

My most memorable story during high school would be my experience at the regional cross country meet my freshman year. At the time, we had a pretty young team and were ranked sixth in our region, pretty much guaranteeing that we will not make it to state which requires us to get at least third. In spite being ranked sixth, no one on our team gave up on fighting to make it to state. In the end, everyone ran well and over half the team ran faster than they had ever ran before, and after the race when we were all listening at the awards ceremony, it was announced that Maize got third place.

Madelyn Wedman

Many of my stories come from the school store and just meeting great people. Now we are all really close and go play pickleball together and just hang out. The best was when we convinced Mrs. Handy to allow us to have school store fish (Paco and Phineas & Ferb).

Keira Dobbs

My friends and I won the tug-of-war contest during Bard’s Birthday Bash in junior year. We are all relatively small, so it was surprising to defeat much stronger people in a strength contest.

Caitlyn Rice

At the end of my sophomore year in choir, a girl started playing the opening notes to ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance. I played the song on my phone and some other girls and I started “singing” along with the song. I say “singing” because we were more yelling/screaming than singing.

Paige Motten

A fun memory that I have is going to the Maize South vs. Maize High football game and beating them. It was so much fun to throw all that baby powder and be hyped up all game.