Time of Our Lives


Kynzi Barragan Chick Fil a Leadership Academy because I got the opportunity to help the community with a group of my peers.
Emma Bise French!! I got to hang out with Mme. Nitcher (ma meilleure amie) while playing games, watching music videos, and eating LOTS of food. Because I took French, I also got to go to France and that was really ridiculously amazing!!
Cassidy Blew Any art class is honestly super fun and you should always try to go to sports games!
Isabella bowdre the end of the year games & activities
Arissa Brown Drama and choir have, without a doubt, been my favorite extracurricular these last four years. I’m a theater kid at heart, so of course I love any avenue of performance. Not only that, Barbara and Prater are so fun to work and create with!
Alex Broyles Debate (^)
Autumn Brummer Broadcast. We had so much new equipment that gave us a head start in our field and we couldn’t ask for more.
Ashlyn Bugbee School store because of the people in that class
Janna Busker Fellowship of christian Students! I love leading others to Christ!
Hunter Clark Football because I’ve never played another sport other than soccer and I decided to try football and it was some of the most fun I had in high school.
Keira Dobbs KAY club has been my favorite club because the club encourages volunteering in school and the community and has helped me become a better leader and person.
Piercen Dooling Baseball
Nicole Dowell KAY is my favorite club because it has greatly impacted who I am today. The environment can improve any bad mood, and the people I’ve met along the way have been the kindest and most encouraging friends out there.
Isabelle Edwards The girl’s swim team. I have made so many memories at practice and meets, and as awful as swimming as a sport is, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
Carson Elman Volleyball was my favorite sport in high school because it’s such a fun game to play and as a team this year we went through so much that this season made amazing friends and unforgettable memories!
Ryley Elsea cheer because I made 90% of my friends through it
Catherine Erickson BPA because there are so many cool people that you meet at State and especially Nationals. It’s also super fun to travel with friends and I’ve actually learned some pretty valuable professional skills.
Alex Fugarino My favorite class was zoology with Mr. Super. Also Mrs. Jackson’s English 12 is pretty nice too
Joel Gaddie Ultimate Frisbee Club was by far and away my favorite high school activity because it stretched my contacts beyond the reaches of maize high school. Because of the club, I have become good friends with many adults in the Frisbee world and plan on trying out for Wichita’s club team, full of the best players in the city of ours.
Teagen Guerrero Zoology. Super was super chill and made the class fun for us to learn in
Vonda Hale Band because we got to go on a ton of trips.
Amber Harris I loved the Foundation to Early Childhood Class. I don’t plan on becoming a teacher but the information I learned and the projects we did were fun and interesting. Another plus was hanging out with the preschoolers twice a week.
Isaac James Cheer leading. Cheer was my escape and made my high school career amazing
Kendyl Johnson Cheer! Because it brought me to the greatest people who will be lifelong friends.
Stephen Jordan Broadcast. I’m 1 of 3 directors in a class of 20 people and we’re separated from everyone else and we can do whatever we want as long we get the GMMH and GMMS recorded.
Felix Kopycinski Physics Honors, because it was a great class
Kat Krantz Anime club! It’s the club I started, and we have a fun road trip over Spring Break! I got to see a lot of new shows and made some great friends.
Allison Linton Band! The people are my second family and we get to work hard but laugh hard together too.
Marissa llamas playing soccer was my favorite because i made a lifetime full of memories and i have made some lifelong friendships. The team was just a big happy family.
Tamara Lopez Graphic Design with Mrs. Johnson I liked it because I got to create so many things
Elyse Magnuson Choir because I love singing and performing
Bailey McDonald Bowling, I started the sport with my friends as a joke, which lead to bonding and friendship that will last a lifetime
Emily McGinnis I was in STUCO and I loved planning homecoming dances
Jonathan Mercer Ultimate Frisbee club because I’ve grown closer to many of my friends while playing an incredibly fun sport against some of the best teams in the region.
Heaven Monzingo My favorite club was Anime club, because sometimes you just need to settle down with friends and snacks and watch some anime.
Emily Moore Weights or speech because those environments were always so much fun!
Marisa Moore cheer leading gave me my closest friends, helped me break out of my shell to be more outgoing, and created some of my best high school memories.
Tori Moss Cheer because everyone is very close and has a special bond
Jared Murphy Golf was my favorite because I never would have met my current best friend of four years now.
Maddie Neigenfind Softball, newsmag and/or ceramics. I discovered who I was in every single one of those places, whether it be a big part of my personality or a little part…they helped shape me into the young adult I am now.
Eli Owings Football, it’s the best sport out there
Katelyn Parks My favorite class was Intro To Teaching with Davis Laughlin. Laughlin creates such an amazing environment and once you’re in his class once, you’re a part of his family forever.
Krista Phillips All art classes. I love all of the art teacher and they are all willing to help and motivate no matter what.
Allyson Prebble Yearbook I’ve met so many people i wouldn’t have connected with otherwise and its taught me how to work with people you normally wouldn’t. It’s also like i business you put out a product and people buy it and it is truly an amazing experience to be a part of.
Shalee Prichard I took a lot of cooking classes throughout high school and I thought they were a lot of fun. I got to try a lot of different foods and help with Pro start stuff.
Jacob Quiggle Football was my favorite, you just have your own little family and it is amazing.
Ryann Redinger Newsmag was easily my favorite part of my day. I have had so much fun writing and getting more involved in my school and community, but more importantly, I have made so many valuable friendships that will last a lifetime.
Nicholas Reiswig Soccer was my favorite activity because I created so many memories and experiences through the sport that I love.
Laney Rogers My favorite was the football games, and being able to joke around with my friends in the freezing Cold. I met some wonderful people there
Hailey Ross I wasn’t involved in any sports but I loved going to all the football and basketball games.
Jacob Schonhoff Football because I played varsity this year and I made a lot of friends. It was fun putting in all the work from summer through fall to have the reward of multiple broken records
Mary Sevart Band has been my favorite school activity because the band is a family. I have gotten to grow as a person throughout leadership experiences within the band, and I have found myself a forever family within the program.
Brandon Sisco Football it’s exciting and everyone gets involved
Morgan Thomas Going to football games were my favorite. You get to deck out in the theme for the game, tailgate with your friends & go cheer on the team while hyping everyone up in the student section.
Madelyn Turner French One, Mrs. Nitcher makes class so fun
Nicole Vick Cross Country, because it not only makes you physically and mentally stronger, it gives you a second family.
Brittany Vogel Choir, the shows are so much fun to be apart of and you learn life lessons as well as music.
Logan Voran Soccer, it is how I met my closest friends
Jarodd Weber PE Advanced
Madelyn Wedman BPA due to just meeting really great people and gaining practical skills and getting experience in a business setting.
Charly Woods I think that being the mascot was one of the best experiences of my life. I would have never thought that, but being able to be on the field with the cheer squad, and being right next to the action was the best thing about football and basketball season.
abby wray Forensics. It combined everything I loved, acting and competition. It showed me how powerful our voices can be.
Hailey Beckmann My favorite class of high school is choir! They have become my family, and I can just be my goofy self around them. I have become so close with so many of them, and I wouldn’t trade any hair mishap, costume failure, missed lyric, or wrong note for the entire world! They are truly “my people”.
Bailey Birkholz The one thing that links me to Maize High forever and always is the Flygirls. Throughout my four years in high school, that team has been my safe place. I love getting to share my passion of dance with everyone on the team and getting to make so many friends/sisters. That team means the world to me and I am so proud to have been part of such an amazing group.
Kaylynn Gromala throwing
Halie Jones Basketball, because my teammates are the best.
Caitlyn Rice Either English class or art class. I love creating whether it be writing or drawing.
Remington Young I was on the varsity cheer team all 4 years and it brought me so many amazing memories and lifelong friendships.
Crosby Woods Football because of the energy
Caden Raile Probably either track or wrestling because they both are fun but they teach you hard work and dedication.
Nicholas Vasilescu Joining the distance track team has been my favorite activity because I have a great relationship with all my teammates and coaches. I also love competing and working hard while seeing results.
Sadeja Horne Safe, it’s an active group and plenty of fun
Karis Helm My favorite club throughout high school has been Fellowship of Christian Students. This group is so fun to be in because we get to come together and spread God’s word to our school.
Lindsay Adams I liked tennis the best because I made great memories and made amazing friendships.
Alaina Cunningham I loved being a part of the tennis team because my best friends all played and I love the sport! Mrs. Houseman’s AP Bio Class was my favorite because I loved the subject and Mrs. Houseman is pretty cool!
Derek Kratzer Tennis because I am really good at it and we won state my sophomore year
Connor Gooding Tennis is really the only thing I did so ya.
Caleb Zinabu Football. The team was like family and we all had each others backs.
Dylan Carroll My favorite class has been the Law Enforcement I/II class with Lt. James Espinoza. I enjoyed this class a lot because it has made me recognize how much I wanted to go into the law enforcement field.
Cameron Grimes Football, got to have fun with a bunch of dudes
Jacobb Weber E sports club
Nolan Palmer Swim team because of the competition and the fun environment
Hunter Garrison Soccer, because I’ve been playing it since I was 3
Adrianna Sweat Trap Shooting
Debra Ramirez Bowling
Caden Bartlett Baseball because its fun
paige mottin My favorite class was health science because Mr. Archibald is a great teacher and makes class fun and interesting all while learning at the same time. Also, you got to do a lot of hands on stuff in his class in the labs and that was a lot of fun
Dylan Taylor Bowling because it’s the only thing I participated in outside of school.
Tanner Ohnmeis Football because there are so many amazing memories throughout the years
Rielly Bannon swimming, I was good at it
Jordon Helm Baseball and football are both fun because just being around friends and having fun.
Abryelle Rizzo My favorite class was culinary essentials, Cooking is one of my passions and it was fun to cook with other students and build relationships over food.
Caleb Grill American History, it was fun learning about the past events that happened in our country.
Kennadee Utech Applied Business Development (School Store) because I’ve made friends in there that are really significant in my life. I never hung out with them before I took the class and now we hang out outside of class every week which is really cool.
Max Glaze Ultimate Frisbee – pure brotherhood and making new friends. Learning to be accountable for each other and just to have fun.
Evelyn Garcia I’m currently super into BPA at the moment. I regret waiting to join until my senior year, but it has been really fun. Many of my friends are already in the club, so it’s been a blast. My team placed in our event which was also very exciting.
Nathan Naputi Chess club. I like chess.
Isabel Hadley Art Club was my favorite because we do lots of fun activities.
Daniel Sickler FFA because I met so many of my best friends from it
Alec Stephens Cross country because the people and the environment are amazing
Jonas Ybarra Kay Club
Devon Koehn Basketball was my favorite because we were successful and it was so much fun.
Hope Reasoner I really enjoy being apart of choir and building life-long relationships and making life-long memories in that group.
Blake Gronlie Choir, because it’s the only extra thing I did
Elijah Mitchell football and p.e
Kaylie Hansen Anatomy and Physiology; I’m super passionate about health science!
Tanner Cunningham I golf
Ashlyn Whorton Playing softball, because of the adrenaline rush right before you go into a game and spending time with the girls
Ethan Sampson Basketball just because of the coaches
Jordan Claeys French with Mrs. Nitcher was always the best part of my day. She made learning another language enjoyable and actively connected with each of her students. She initiated a love for French for me and I’m sure she did the same for hundreds of other Maize High students.
Ginevra Agostini Swim, because i always love swimming
Makenna Meyer Maize high Cheer
Marin Garcia Probably all the history classes I took because I love history, Psychology, or Mr. Walkers English class because of all his stories.
Kara May Choir has been my favorite class, because I love the teamwork and the amazing community of people, especially Mrs. Prater.
Clara Broberg choir!! I have made the most amazing friends and do the thing that I love everyday (singing and dancing)!
Elijah Maples Photo Imaging made me realize that not only did I enjoy photography more than I ever could, but also that I was decent at it too.
Olivia Elmore Cross country and track have definitely been my favorite because I’ve met my best friends through the sport and pushed my boundaries more than I thought possible. I know it sounds cheesy, but I wouldn’t be the outgoing and determined person I am today if it weren’t for my crazy, inspiring teammates.
Lillie Williams Tennis. The majority of my best friends and fondest memories of high school are from tennis. It was great to see how we improved as a team and we were extremely supportive of each other.
Garett Stanley Ultimate Frisbee was the best extracurricular. I got to play an amazing sport with all my friends and we got to go to tournaments.
Ashley Massie My favorite class was all 3 of the French classes that I took.
Saylor Booth Trap Shooting is my favorite because I have been handling guns since I was 7 years old and I’m very good at trap.
Cadence Ohl Cross Country, fun and felt like a family
Hiep Nguyen Probably soccer, even though I’m so bad at it, but I had a good season. The coaches and my teammates was nice. We’re all worked hard and tried our best
Devlin Wolke Track because I’m decently good at it
Brianna Allen Volleyball because it is my main sport and because of the people who are involved in it.
Breeana Smith early childhood applications is my favorite class because with the opportunity to intern I learned a lot more about my strength and my weaknesses.
Riley Hunter Golf because it was so much fun and it was like having a second family. Also red rage because you get into all the home games for free