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Seniors shout out teachers that impacted them

Rayne Rekoske, Reporter

Cady Jackson

Mrs. Jackson made me want to be a teacher. Just the way she acts around her students, you can see the positive impact she has on people, and I want to be able to do that for some people. — Jacob Quiggle

Cady Jackson believed in me when I didn’t— Ryley Elsea

She was not only a brilliant instructor and fostered my cognitive growth, but was also there at any moment to help with whatever I needed. She pours her heart and soul into her work and into her students everyday. — Johnathan Mercer

Mrs. Jackson made intentional efforts to create personal relationships with each student and learn more about what they’re going through. She always encourages her students, gives them confidence in their intelligence, and pushes them to be their best. — Marisa Moore

Ms. Jackson helped me get through English which is definitely my worst subject and she’s just such a caring and nice teacher. — Caden Raile

Mrs. Jackson because she brought me out of my shell my Junior year and helped me to become more confident in myself. — Savannah Read

Isaac Shue

He interacts with us like he is our age and I love going to his class everyday. He makes everyone in his classes feel special and he is always trying to make everyone laugh. — Krista Phillips

Frances Houseman

I had her all of junior year for AP Bio. Her class was my absolute favorite because of her understanding and kind attitude towards students!— Alaina Cunningham

Mrs. Houseman, she has been like my at school mom and the best encor teacher to have. She has made me more motivated and helped to make school more fun like bringing me pie on my birthday every year.—  Connor Gooding

Houseman, because she was a great teacher and really gets involved in the class.—  Hunter Garrison

She made me interested in science. —  Rielly Bannon

My senior year is my first year at Maize when I first got to the school I didn’t know anyone. The first day I went to encor Mrs. Houseman was really sweet and supportive. She helped me with some of my classes and made sure I was doing okay. She ever brings in cupcakes for students birthdays, she doesn’t have to but she really does show she cares for her students. —  Abryelle Rizzo

Shelby Goss

Even though I’ve only had her for a year, she’s taught me so much about the career path I’m interested in and has taught me so many valuable lessons not only about band but about life.— Allison Linton

Sandra Nitcher

She loves and accepts everyone for who they are. — Tori Moss

She is by far the kindest, funniest, most joyful person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She has so much passion for her teaching and she gives her students ridiculous amounts of love and support. The impact she’s made on me as a person is something I will be forever thankful for. Aussi, Sandrine est ma meilleure amie et je l’aime 🙂 — Emma Bise

I really enjoyed being in Ms. Nitcher’s class because she was so kind and we got along well and both cared about foreign languages.— Isabella Bowdre

Rocky Helm

Mr. Helm because he’s my dad and always pushes me to be the best and do the best.— Jordon Helm

Probably Mr. Helm because he’s more than just a teacher. He’s good at what he does and really does care about his students.— Austin Vickery

Coach Rocky has been my coach throughout high school and has taught me determination and how to get things done. — Tanner Ohnmeis

Roger Pierce

I think that Mr. Pierce had the most influence on me and my education. He actually listens to you, and if you are having trouble he will help you work through things. Even if there isn’t something school related, he listens and is there for you.— Charly Woods

Diane Moser

She really tried to make us think in different ways and really encourage us to be part of the community. Overall she sees the best in her students and really wants them to strive. — Teagen Gurrero

She is a amazing supporter and can open you to the real world.— Brandon Sisco

Jessica Fisher

She knocked some sense into me, and taught me that I need to play well with others.— Kat Krantz

Curtis Shephard

Debate was a massive perspective shift for me right off the bat because before that I didn’t really care what was happening even on a state level, much less national or around the world because “it didn’t affect me”. — Alex Broyles

He pushed me to do my best. I didn’t know i could be the person I am now today without him. He taught me skills I will use for the rest of my life and I always know I could contact him if I needed his help.— Abby Wray

Jeremy Bernard

Bernard because he was a great tennis coach and he helped me learn to stay positive during games and he’s also just a G.— Kennadee Utech

Jay Super

He is a amazing teacher with great knowledge about life and plants. He has impacted me positively the most because he is a great example of sterling leadership. He goes above and beyond as a teacher and truly cares for the student.— Max Glaze

Mr. Super because he’s always there and always smiling. —Daniel Sickler

Mr. Super because he made learning fun. — Tanner Cunningham

Mrs Doerksen because I was really struggling and she cared about me, academically and personally. — Kendyl Johnson

She was a very supportive teacher and tries to relate her students. — Brittany Vogel

Mrs. Doerksen because of her positive attitude and how much she believes in her students. Caleb Zinabu

She is a very positive teacher, I look up to her and she is very nice , and I can understand her.—Jonas Ybarra

Lindsay Slater

Her classroom has always been a relaxed atmosphere where I was willing to learn all sorts of things, from how to read a contract to writing a good short story. — Heaven Monzingo

Mrs. Slater has helped me find my zen through yoga and spirituality and helped me realize I’m more important than the little things.—Katelyn Parks

She did such an amazing job at always making me feel so welcome and for that I’m forever grateful for her. —Laney Rogers

Kevin Roulhac

Mr. Roulhac has had the most positive impact on my life. he is very dedicated to his job and making sure that his students really understand what he is teaching. also, he is just a great person to talk to if you are ever going through anything. he’s someone who really cares about others and is very caring. i will forever remember Mr. Roulhac and everything that he has taught me.—Paige Mottin

100% Mr. Roulhac. He always gives all his attention and effort towards his students and shows that he wants each of his students to succeed. He also creates a relationship with his students creating a fun environment in the classroom as well as a professional atmosphere. I am not a big fan of history classes, but Mr. Roulhac made it interesting and I actually wanted to learn in his class. Best teacher at MHS!!!—Kynzi Barragan

He was the teacher to go over things until you got it. The way he taught us students was great.—Caleb Grill

The teacher that had the most positive impact on my life here at Maize High would have to be Mr Roulhac because he is the nicest and brightest teacher. He always understood students lives and what they go thru on a day-to-day basis.— Devlin Wolke

Wally Axmann

Dr. Axmann, although I’ve only had him as an encor teacher, has made me feel so welcome at Maize as a transfer student. He is always willing to listen and encourage, and I am super grateful for all his support.—Kara May

Anne Debes

I had her for my 3rd block ever since my sophomore year and she’s real cool.— Stephen Jordan

Anne Debes shes so easy to talk to and I call her my school mom just because i tell her everything that happens and i go in and talk to after a long day shes just such a great person and i hope she knows how great she is.—  Allyson Prebble

Suzanne McKaig

Mrs. McKaig because she always believed in me, when I didn’t believe in myself.—  Cassidy Blew

Mrs. Mckaig has had the most positive impact on me during my time in high school.—  Dylan Carroll

She’s always willing to go out of her way to help her students and she’s really nice and understands that life happens. —  Dylan Taylor

Mrs. McKaig because she is so upbeat and positive, but also because she always tries to make sure everyone is included.— Brianna Allen

Amanda Gosch

Hands down, Ms. Gosch, she isn’t just a teacher, she’s a friend and without a doubt I would’nt have had the same experience without her.— Bailey McDonald

Gosch because she’s helped me so much by supporting my art and helping me become the artist I am today.—Crosby Woods

Amanda Gosch, Although I have never actually had a class with her she is an amazing role model.— Debra Ramirez

Cara Poole

Mrs. Poole has had a very positive impact on my life. I only had Mrs. Poole for one term, but it was one of the best classes I have taken. Mrs. Poole cares so much about her students and spends time getting to know them and helping them with anything they need.—Karis Helm

Jed Heath

Mr. Heath because he made engineering fun and always made me laugh.— Bailey Griffin

Jodee Johnson

She has been someone to stay by my annoying aide since the beginning and she has been one to always support my wacky idea or idea that are way to out going.—  Autumn Brummer

Mrs. Johnson has helped me the most. She has helped me shape my high school career and my future.—  Garret Stanley

Doris Prater

Mrs. Prater has not only taught me how to read and interpret music, but also how to take on the real world and apply soft skills in my future. She has greatly influenced the direction of my life to come, and I couldn’t be more grateful!—  Nicole Dowell

Mrs. Prater because she is so good to us and teaches us life lessons, not just music.—  Elyse Magnuson

Mrs. Prater taught me how to be prepared and always keep focus.—  Jared Murphy

Mrs. Prater has impacted my life for the better. She has taught me so many things that I will carry with me through the rest of my life.— Morgan Thomas

Mrs. Prater has had the most positive impact on me in high school. I transferred to Maize High from Maize South for my senior year, and she made the transition so smooth for me. She has truly taught me so much in such a short amount of time, and I can’t thank her enough! Not only did she make me a stronger performer – she taught me life lessons, she helped me make so many memories in her classroom, and she brought me my choir family.— Hailey Beckmann

Mrs. Prater has made an amazing impact on my life. I know choir doesn’t always seem like the most important class, but what I have learned from Prater are things I will carry with me everywhere I go.— Hope Reasoner

Mrs. Prater because she not only has taught me how to connect with music, but has taught me how to connect with people— Clara Broberg

Gary Guzman

He is always willing to talk to you about anything and he is fun to talk to.— Keely Hanson

Christine Borrego

She has reminded me why I love reading and really changed my perspective on literature and poetry. — Catherine Erickson

She has challenged me and at times gave me more than I thought I could do, but she is the most understanding, kind-hearted woman in this building. She knows when to give us AP students a break, and truly believes in every one of us.— Isabelle Edwards

I was never a fan of English. It was my worst subject all throughout middle school and continued to be until I found myself enrolled in Mrs. Borrego’s English honors class. She pushed my limits and helped me learn so much without realizing it.—Evelyn Garcia

Jana Schantz

She was the one who made me become a better person and she made me view the world differently. —Marissa Llamas

Mrs. Schantz because she really cares about all of her students and is always there for them.— Remington Young

I ‘m a pretty shy person. I didn’t have any friends at the beginning of the year and she motivated me to get out of my shell. —Kaylie Hansen

Rob Archibald

He is one of my best friends and inspires me to be a good father when i have children. — Alex Furgarino

Kathleen Barbara

Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Prater have had the biggest impact on me as a student and a young adult— both women have taught me that kindness and hard work are the most important things you can have/do to make it in this world. Not only that, they’ve both given me opportunities to shine and express myself through performance. — Arissa Brown

Megan Sauer

I have taken the majority of classes she teaches and she is help me decide along a career path. — Breeana Smith

Brad Hornung

I’ve never had him as a teacher but he is the assistant coach for the golf team. He always took care of me and taught me valuable lessons that you don’t learn in class. I’m always in his room during encore listening to his words of wisdom and brutal honesty. He has made me really think about my future and start preparing for the challenges I’m going to go though playing at the college level while trying to maintain good grades and reach my goals. — Riley Hunter

Mike Brenneman

Mr. Brenneman because I’ve had him for a lot of classes and he’s a pretty cool boy. — Konrad Kahnert

He is always willing to help. — Cadence Ohl

Emily Provencher

I always struggled with math and she found a way so that I could understand it and she’s one of my best friends. — Ashlyn Whorton

Stan Bergkamp

Mr. Bergkamp because he taught me how to work hard in class.— Alec Stephens

Stan Bergkamp because he brought out the best in me.— Hunter Clark

Stanley Bergkamp has shown me what it means to have a passion for learning and a drive to change the world. He is striving to make the world a better place both in the minds of his students and on the physical level with the solar initiative and if I could end up with the exact same fate as one person on earth it would be the one and only Stanley Bergkamp, teacher of my dreams.— Joel Gaddie

He shows you the bigger picture and makes you be the best you can be.— Feliz Kopycinski

Mr. Bergkamp has had a huge impact on me because he has shown that if you really want something, you should go out and get it no matter how profound it is. — Nicholas Reiswig

This last year had been a lot of fun with him and he’s supported me when I was struggling a lot. Also has made me think more about the environment. — Jacob Schonhoff

Mr. Bergkamp has taught me, and the rest of his students, about the importance of perseverance and to not be scared to follow my dreams. He has inspired me to pursue a career in engineering.— Mary Sevart

He is always challenging us and requires us to prove our knowledge instead of teaching at us. He also has a great personality and is always in a good mood.— Madelyn Turner

He has a passion for what he does. Not only does he teach physics/chemistry, but he also gives very wise life advice. His love for the world and making it a better place is humbling to us all.— Nicholas Vasilescu

He’s a fun guy who is a great teacher!— Cameron Grimes

He’s really positive and cares a lot for people and the environment.— Nathan Naputi

Probably berg, because of his big meaty claws.— Blake Gronlie

Even though I only had Mr. Bergkamp for one semester in physics this year, he inspired me to make a positive impact on the people in my life and make the world a better place than I found it through his dedication to the Solar Project and helping his students learn more about the world around them.— Olivia Elmore

Tyrel Coker

He has taught me a lot of skills I can use later in life. — Devin Koehn

Sheena Shoemaker

Mrs. Shoemaker, helped provide insight into possible career paths I’m interested.—Nolan Palmer

Jessica Shurts

She was so down to earth and understands the life of a high schooler. — Derek Kratzer

Elizabeth Mans

She is the most caring and active teacher I know! I have enjoyed her classes since my freshman year and in each class she gets you involved with other students that you can get to know. She reminds us that we have things to be thankful for and that we can reach out for goals we set for our selves s as long as we work hard. — Sadeja Horne

Dan Loving

Dan Loving, obviously. He’s been like a father to me since I was a freshman. I will never be able to thank him enough for all he’s done for me since I’ve been in high school and around his family.— Maddie Niegenfind

Dan Loving has taught me the skills I need not only to be a writer/journalist, but also to be a good person. — Ryann Redinger

Dan Loving for sure. He has been my teacher/adviser ever since I first walked through the doors of Maize High. Ever since day one he has gone above and beyond to push me to be the best and care for me unconditionally. I cannot thank him enough for the constant love and support he provides to me daily. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today without his guidance and care. — Bailey Birkholz

Jenny Meirowsky

She is a great teacher and explains things well. She switches things up for people who do not understand it the original way. —Jarodd Weber

Skeeter Rankins

As a coach, he doesn’t just care about the team he cares about doing everything he can to improve and strengthen the individual.— Nicole Vick

Rankins is just always giving great advice.— Jacobb Weber

He pushed us and made sure we were ready for college.— Adrianna Sweat