Maize South brings back old courses

Maize South high school brings back the Multicultural Literature class and the Creative Writing class for the 2019-2020 school year.


Piper Pinnetti, Reporter

Maize South is bringing back the Multicultural Literature class and Creative Writing class for the 2019-2020 school year. Due to lack of students interested, the two classes were previously cut from the course offerings. Both classes will be taught by Shelly Walston.

Multicultural Literature will focus primarily on discussion of class topics but include some writing. This class allows students to learn about cultures around the globe from reading poetry, novels, memoirs, etc.

The Creative Writing course will include both writing and reading. A lot of short stories, poems, screenplays and essays will be read through out the term. Students will work on developing characters, conflict and setting.

“I hope when students see the examples they can emulate them,” Walston said.

Junior Brynn Nusz said she is interested in the Creative Writing class and wants to expand her writing abilities.

“I´ve always been into writing for fun,” Nusz said. “I want to learn how to piece together a story.”

Both of the nine-week classes are offered for students of all grades at Maize South will require at least 12 students signed up to become a permanent addition to the course offerings in the future. Any student who is interested in one or both of the courses can contact Walston in classroom E110.