Maize para wins excellence award

Maddie Neigenfind, Feature's Editor

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On Wednesday, Maize para Tina Kiley was awarded a certificate of excellence for her efforts in the classroom and her love for making a positive impact on not only the students, but her peers as well.

“We’re here today to interrupt, to embarrass, to recognize one of our most outstanding employees in our district, Mrs. Tina Kiley,” superintendent Chad Higgins said.

For 18 years, Kiley has been dedicating her time to students inside the classroom.

“I love watching them [students] grow and change,” Kiley said.  “I mean, I love the academics too, but really it’s about watching them grow up.”

Higgins and principal Chris Botts interrupted Meirowsky second block Algebra II class to award Kiley her certificate.

“At first I thought they came in for Meirowsky, but then they said me and I was like ‘Woah!’” Kiley said. “It’s nice to be recognized. I love to do the work, it’s a lot of fun, but some days are more challenging than others. It’s nice to have someone tell you you’re doing a good job because some days you just feel like you aren’t making a difference.”

This was Kiley’s first time being awarded in the 18 years she has worked for the district. Four of her peers nominated her for this award, and each wrote letters filled with uplifting words that outlined some of Kiley’s best qualities.

“Mrs. Kiley was nominated by a number of teachers, staff and so forth, and though we have recognized many other teachers throughout the district, today is Mrs. Kiley’s day,” Higgins said.

Tina Kiley assists a student with her schoolwork. Kiley won an award Wednesday for her positive impact at Maize.

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