Baseball dugouts get a new configuration

Savannah Horn, Reporter

Savannah Horn
The Maize baseball dugouts were updated this year. The players got new lights, seating and their own lockers.

Maize updated their dugouts at the baseball field this year for the new season. The construction started around mid-January and ended in late February. The dugouts got new benches and enough space to create their own locker room, which they have not had in the years past. There are also new seats in the baseball stands.

“We all like it because it gives us our own locker room behind the dugout and we all get to chill back there and just hang out before the game,” senior Jordon Helm said.

The team also got a new heater and lights in the dugouts.

“At the cold games the heater is very nice and we also got our own stools and benches back there,” Helm said.

Baseball Coach Rocky Helm explained why the team finally got new dugouts at the field.

“The dugout was rotting out and so they fixed it so the water wouldn’t cause it to rot out so quickly,” Coach Helm said. “We changed it a little bit inside to give the players a locker room where they can change and stuff like that since we don’t have one, but I think they enjoy it.”

Coach Helm also said he likes the new dugouts as well.

“I like it a lot and I thank them a whole lot for it,” Coach Helm said.