2019-2020 StuCo board members elected

Chasley Garcia, Reporter

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Student Council held election speeches and voting last week. Molly McCollum and Ryan Bender are the sophomore vice president and president for next year.

After speeches and elections from the Student Council (StuCo) members last week, the class officers for the 2019-2020 have been elected. The juniors running for senior officer positions all ran unopposed, although they still held a Q&A that was open to the class of 2020. The officers are:

  • Senior class president: Abby McCoy
  • Senior class vice president: Sam Bartlett
  • Senior class secretary: Avery Shunatona
  • Senior class treasurer: Makenzie Owings
  • Junior class president: Bode Carter
  • Junior class vice president: Danielle Canizzo
  • Junior class secretary: Jeanine Lopez
  • Junior class treasurer: Cora Bartlett
  • Sophomore class president: Molly McCollum
  • Sophomore class vice president: Ryan Bender

Being more involved within the school and StuCo motivated me to run because I saw issues and I want to help solve the problems that we have,” junior Makenzie Owings said.

Every student that won has a goal or vision of change for the upcoming year that they are looking forward to pursuing.

“A goal for next year is try and get the student body more involved [with] new events and activities,” sophomore Bode Carter said. “I am going to change things by addressing new ideas [in] our meetings and initiating things, not just saying them.”

In running for StuCo board, some people had to get over certain fears or doubts.

“My biggest fear in running was by far the speech,” freshman Ryan Bender said. “I am so grateful for all of my amazing friends and peers that came to support and listen. I did not expect that much support.”

Some of them are already talking about their new plans for the coming year, and starting to plan what the event will be.

So far we have talked about doing Big/Little, which is where a freshman and a senior are paired together and they do fun things” said junior Avery Shunatona said. “And another idea we had was to have an informal dance.”

They are all ready and excited for this opportunity to help better our school and get our student body involved in more activities and fun.

“Alone I can’t change the entire Student Council,” sophomore Ellie Cannizzo said. “But, the board and I can change things that you guys want changed — but only if we do it together.” 

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