Restaurant Review: Kobe

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   Finding good Asian cuisine in Wichita, Kansas is a challenge. However, Kobe, a Japanese steakhouse, provides a wide range of excellent meals in the style.

   For my main course, I ordered the Chef’s Delight, a chicken breast and hibachi shrimp. They were served fast but cooked to perfection. The small, clear broth soup and salad with ginger dressing were served with a smile to all hibachi customers as an appetizer. Hibachi meals are also served with golden brown rice, seasoned with vegetables and fried eggs mixed in. The serving of vegetables, broccoli and zucchini, sizzle on the grill with butter, soy sauce and garlic that could make a kid enjoy their vegetables.

   The restaurant´s talented chefs lighten the upscale ambiance with their funny jokes, cool tricks and tasty food. All night everyone at the tables were laughing and smiling.

   Kobe combines entertainment and food for an awesome experience. Reservations are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted so people can enjoy their meals on a special occasion, dates or to seek something unique for a scrumptious dinner.

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