Mountains and valleys

MJ McCollum, Reporter

Freshman MJ McCollum believes life is all about finding the good.

I like to be positive every chance I get, being the sunny energy everyone wants to be around.

It’s who I strive to be.

Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel is my go to mindset. I put it on myself to be the happy one in the room to lift up others and help make someone’s day. Nothing is wrong with being the upbeat, go lucky person, but lately I haven’t been myself.

Although I’m listening to joyful music, hanging out with friends and spiritually excelling, I just have not been myself. It tears me down to be the negative one, the one in the back with no smile, and the quiet one.

That’s not me.

Someone told me a while back about pressuring your happiness. Happiness comes in waves from positive and happy to dark and down from time to time. I pressure my happiness by bringing everyone up all the time, and try not worrying about my problems and help others solve theirs.

So what is making me feel “Doom and Gloom”?

It is the pressure on myself and the worries that I let myself take on. I forget that being down in the dumps aren’t worth what you have in store. You wouldn’t be grateful of the good days if you didn’t have the bad. There is nothing to worry about, because this is just a small portion of our life.  

We all have our bad days but it’s how you choose to cope with your bad days. Do you sit in bed and eat ice cream, or go adventure new coffee shops downtown with your friends?

Do you keep your bad day a bad day, or do you choose to switch it up and call your bestfriend for a daily joke. Make choices to help live your life to your fullest.

Even when you feel in a valley there is still ways to climb up a mountain. Life is short, so which path will you take?

Will you let yourself drown with grades and homework or will you let yourself enjoy life and not let the small things get to you?

Life is only as bad as you can make it be.