My Birthday

Lily Robison, Reporter

As of today, Feb. 27, it has been a total 15 years since I first came into this world. I have learned many things throughout my short but fascinating life and figured why not discuss my thoughts about my birthday.

As a young girl my birthday used to be something I looked forward to. I would countdown the days until my next birthday came and make sure everyone knew it was coming even if it was ten months away.

As the years past by I hated it even more. Why? Expectations. I have always had high expectations and standards for everything. Mostly for myself to be the best I could possibly be but when it came to my birthday, I figured that it was my day and the world revolved around me on this day. I soon found out it did not.

When I was in second grade I begged my stepmom for normal sized cupcakes because I knew the kids would say something about me bringing mini cupcakes. She decided to get the mini cupcakes anyways. That didn’t stop me from trying to make everyone like me. I brought the mini cupcakes into the classroom and some of the kids asked why I didn’t get the regular sized cupcakes and they were mad at me. I blamed it on my stepmom of course because I wanted to be cool. The next year came around and I decided it was best not to bring food for my birthday ever again because there will always be one kid that says something.

Another thing about having expectations to do with my birthday is how I expect them to be celebrated. My dad and mom are very different when it comes to a lot of things, especially birthdays. With my dad, a sleepover with a few friends was the best I was going to get but with my mom she would let me have a bunch of friends over and plan the whole day. Last year we started with cake, pizza and presents, then I decided we should go to Tractor Supply to see the baby chicks. I also wanted to be a ‘rebel’ and go to the Cosmosphere and play hide and go seek. We ended the night with going the skating rink and having a sleepover! As you can see my parents do things a little different from each other.

The last thing about my expectations is how the rest of my family, friends and the whole world acts on this day. I used to get excited because, once again this is supposed to be my day and if one person forgot, then my whole day was ruined. I mean if my teachers didn’t acknowledge my birthday then we had a problem. It was really bad. But I have come to an idea where I will not expect much because I already know I will be let down due to my expectations not even I able to be meet. This year I am having a lot of my friends go ice skating with me to celebrate my birthday. It hasn’t happened yet but when it does I will not expect a larger billboard in front of the building or everyone to like the mini cupcakes I bring because expectations are not on my to do this for this birthday.