Drama department to perform ‘Crazytown’

Janeth Saenz, Reporter

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Students will perform “Crazytown” in the Maize auditorium for three shows. These shows will be performed on January 31 and the February 1 and 2 at 7:30 p.m.

“Crazytown is a comedy that’s a collection of one acts by the same playwright and its a news broadcast,” junior Preston Hunt said. “I am Tom who is in a scene called the least defensive play, he and his coworker Shelly are trying to introduce a play purifier to everyone else.”

Hunt is in this scene with senior Abby Wray.

“As much as I’d like to say that he does [relate to Hunt], he doesn’t as much because he is a very offense person and I try not to be that person,” Hunt said. “He really is the lapdog to Shelly in the scene so it’s a lot of fun because I get to follow Abby [Wray] around and play part with her because she’s really driving the scene and leading this whole production like I’m the dumb one.”

While he has a part, Hunt is also helping with set design. Many students within the production will be performing various roles.

“We chose a cast size of 20, each of us play different parts some play main parts in scenes,” Hunt said  “I also set design and help with the lighting as well.”

Junior Morgan Cloutier will be performing in her first production at Maize.

“I am looking forward to making people laugh because this is my first comedy role” said Cloutier. “I have three roles, one of them her name is Sofia, she is a six year old girl and is a moderate for a debate. I kinda specificity auditioned for Sofia. She is just witnessing these two kids argue it out over tater tots.”

Cloutier moved from Maize South for theater. She is planning on pursuing something within drama in the future.

“I am not in choir but all my friends are so I kinda of just came here for the theater and all the arts,” she said “I transferred from Maize South for theater so I did it for the whole drama aspect of it because that’s something I want to pursue.”

Both students mention that line memorization and the use of props on stage is important.

“It’s kind of a basic show,” Cloutier said “It doesn’t have a lot of technical stuff in it but it still requires a lot of work with props and creating the set.” Hunt said “Line of memorization is definitely a big thing, we have to work a lot since its comedy, work about how were pausing for laughs, how were delivering our lines so it’s funny.”

Hunt says how set designing and playing a part in Crazytown can be a challenge and how he looks forward to the show.

“This is my first time set designing a show it’s been challenging with that and getting the lighting together,” Hunt said. “Most of the lighting and the set design came before hand so I’ve been working for weeks on getting the set together. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything comes together we just did it with all props and costumes last night, it’s super funny.”

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