Abby Turner, Reporter

Division is one of the most prevalent things on this earth. People are divided because of hatred, race, religion, money, selfishness, hobbies, beliefs, and so many other countless reasons. Diversity is one of the biggest causes of division. People see the differences between themselves and others, using the differences to create a division between themselves and others. When there is so much division on this earth, there is no longer a connection between humans. We see hatred between people, we see abuse, we see shootings, we see bullying, we see suicide, we see cruelty everywhere, we see this world crumbling and dividing, we see a lack of love and compassion. I am tired of seeing this, it hurts my heart so much to see a world so divided just because we can’t accept others differences from our own.

What if instead of letting diversity divide us, the world decided to use the diversity to unite us. What if we as a world realized that the diversity was created so this world would lack no good thing. What if we all loved each other despite diversity. You may not like all people, but what if you still loved all people. I believe this world can be changed through love. Now, you may be thinking, that is really optimistic and unrealistic. But, I believe it is possible, I believe that Christ died so that we could all be united. The single most unifying act ever, one man dying through love for others. What if we as a world took the same love and used it to unite us and no longer divide us.

Why can’t we unite? Selfishness. Everyone worries about themselves and what they believe instead of loving others despite the differences. Not everyone is going to be like you and that is the amazing thing about this world, we are all different, but we all have the capability to love others. Selfishness divides us, love unites us, Love is in us all.

Seven billion people on one earth all together, one family, you are given one life, one chance to live in love instead of hate, one world, united as one. Seven billion differences but love works, lives and is created through us all as one group unified through love. We are so in need of love on this earth, we are broken, we are hurt, we are continually breaking and hurting. Division has failed us, love unites us. Love conquers all, mends division, heals hearts, shines  through the dark and makes light, breaks hatred, and has the power to unite seven billion people. Choose the power of love. United we stand, divided we fall.