Maize defeats Bishop Carroll

Kyerra Snyder and Carter Jones

Senior Brandle Easter Jr. puts up a lay-up late in the game. The boys and girls teams both won against Bishop Carrol, leaving the boys team still undefeated.

Maize defeated Bishop Carroll in both the girls and boys basketball games last night. The final score was 54-44 in the girls game, and the boys won 56-52 in overtime, remaining undefeated.

“I don’t think overtime means anything,” senior Devon Koehn said.

Although he thinks the team did pretty well last night, senior Cameron Grimes said there’s always room for improvement.

“We could be a little more patient,” Grimes said. “We didn’t run a lot of offense at the end of the game, but if we just settle down and do what we know how to do, we will do better.”

Senior Alexis Cauthon said she also believes the girls can continue getting better.

“We need to make sure we know where their main players are at all times,” Cauthon said.

Cauthon said she thinks the girls did a good job as a team and working together.

“We played a little bit sloppy, but we hustled really hard in the game as a team,” she said.

Cauthon said this was one of the harder games the girls have had this season.

“It was a pretty tough game, but we pulled through and took a dub,” she said.

The boys will return Thursday in a tournament at Colby, and the girls play next Friday at home against Newton.