Everybody has a story: Brandon Bowles


Brooke Grisham
Sophomore Brandon Bowles is passionate about his family and playing football.

Brandon Bowles is a sophomore at Maize South High who is very passionate about playing football and his family. Growing up he’s had many role models, who helped him pursue the things he enjoys, like football.

“Growing up I had a lot of role models in my life, including football coaches that I had from second grade until fifth grade.” Bowles said. “They’ve just had a huge impact on my life.”

Bowles has had coaches who inspired him, but his biggest inspiration is his dad. He admires the things his dad does, and works on not making the same mistakes his dad did. He looks up to his dad and hopes someday that he can be like him.

“I see what my dad has done, and I try to go off of what he does,” Bowles said. “I’ve seen the mistakes he’s made and I’ve tried not to do the same thing.”

He plays for the high school football team, and he’s been playing since second grade.

The coaches he’s had really encouraged him, and motivated him to continue playing, and to advance his skill sets.

Some previous lessons he’s learned from his old coaches is to work hard for progress and respect your teammates and coaches because that’s what makes a good team.