Janeth Saenz, Reporter

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People have bad habits. Whether it’s cussing, having the need to tap or fiddle with something, stuttering, or even interrupting other people when another person is talking. There’s a huge list in my book that says “Bad habits.” When you think of bad habit your mind usually thinks “Don’t do that.”

My bad habit is completely spacing out and making up fantasies in my head. You might ask yourself “Is daydreaming a bad habit?” Well in my opinion I honestly think it is. Sometimes it interferes with my school work, chores, and many other things that I do daily. I waste my time on making up worst and best case scenarios. It doesn’t even have to be a made up story in my head, it can be something that’s already happened to me and the thought just comes back to me.

I haven’t been daydreaming lately. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m actually doing stuff in the real world and not in La La-land. My bad habit is slowly going away. It usually happens when I’m really tired and my mind is done for the day. I get carried away in train of thought and lose focus on what’s around me. Trust me when I say it has its pros and cons. Like the time I had to draw something for my art class sophomore year. I lost focus but I come back with amazing ideas for my artwork. Not sure if that’s a good thing because of the time I wasted on thinking about it.

I’m not wrapped up in a world of my own. My day dreaming isn’t as bad as I make it seem, but other people’s might be. Sure, my time slips away here and there but at least I don’t spend over an hour daydreaming. That would probably start problems in my relationships, work, and other things in the real world. Daydreaming intensely can cause you to lose touch. It might make you confuse fantasy with reality. It can get so deep to where you confuse your emotions of fantasy with reality.

Before you know it, you’ll spend more time daydreaming than interacting with people in the real world. Fantasy may seem more intense and compelling than real life but reality is absolute. Imagine how disorientated you are when you momentarily awake from a dream. Now, imagine that in a constant waking state. Hopefully no one really gets to the point where they lose their mind by daydreaming. Don’t worry, I know I won’t get to that point. So start asking yourself “Is this a bad habit?” look into the pros and cons. Do some research if you want to change and better yourself.

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