The person who has “everything”

Abby Turner, Reporter

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We all know that one person, the person who always looks perfect, acts perfect, has perfect grades, a perfect Instagram and is always smiling. Whenever people see this person they immediately are wondering what they can’t do. Why can’t we all be that person who has everything and has it all together. I mean this person has everything, right? At Least from the outside…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been this person. You get told how perfect you seem but you wanna scream because little do they know of the monsters in your head that they don’t see. Everyone assumes the greatest of you but you know you are far from that. If you’re anything like me you pick at your nails from the overwhelming anxiety, you fake smiles to everyone so they think you’re that perfect person, even when things are going oh so wrong. You sit in your classes and wonder why you can’t be the person sitting next to you who has an A in the class. You try so hard to reach the standards of others. You sit all alone because your friends are all gone, somehow you weren’t enough for them. You rehearse the lines of what you will say to others so you don’t sound stupid. You wonder if you actually matter to anyone. You question if anyone will ever see the real you, but if they did would they even accept you? The thoughts go on and on forever and you’re stuck. Tears run down your face as you realize you can never be this perfect person who has “everything”.

I think we are all this person at some point. We all want to live up to the perfect standards and be the perfect person who has “everything”. No one can be this person though. So to the person who has “everything” or is caught in this lie… it gets better. You realize people will love you if you aren’t perfect and don’t have it all together. You don’t have everything and that is totally alright. Stop acting because the real you needs time to shine. The only thing that is perfect in this universe is the God that created you and every other single thing on this earth. So, take a breathe, realize you don’t need to live up to this standard and try being the real you, I mean that was who you were created to be.

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