Science teacher Amy Hammett gets virtual reality headsets

Kyerra Snyder, Reporter

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Maize High teacher Amy Hammett has been wanting Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headsets for awhile now. She even ordered them at the beginning of the summer to get them by the first day of school, but sadly just got them. She is hoping for them to be used in the classroom to bring out more blended learning and to take kids where she can not take them in the real world.

For example, in Freshman General Science the kids were trying to figure out why the Coral Reef was turning bleach so Hammett had the kids go into the virtual headset to look at it.

Hammett says, ¨I can show them pictures and videos, but this takes them places I could never otherwise take them¨

Even though Hammett is the only one who has used them, many students have heard about them. They are super excited to see the world from a different view.

¨I have always wanted to see what education would look like integrated with technology,¨ Tyler Brackin says. ¨I think it would be interesting.¨

With an Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset, they are already pre programmed to go places like a black hole or walking around a forest. They cost around three hundred ninety nine dollars each but with the negotiation Hammett made with them she got eighteen for the price of fifteen. Hammett wants to eventually have thirty to provide for a whole class. Now, she just has to do interviews and paperwork to show that the headsets are actually doing something to help in the classroom to get the rest of the thirty.

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