A photo tour of the CTE building

Sam Bartlett and Kylee Delmar

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  • One of the new study spaces in the new CTE building. The study spaces are filled with bright colors and comfortable places to sit.

  • Graphic design students working in the new room in the CTE building. The curriculum is relatively the same, the class is just in an updated location.

  • The new broadcasting room in the CTE building has a seamless green screen wall. The seamless wall provides a higher quality video broadcast picture.

  • These Z-Spaces are in the new health science classroom in the new CTE building. The Z-Space computers allow students to interactively move and examine organs and body parts in a 3-D space.

  • In the new CTE building there is a room for the CNA classes. The room includes hospital beds, a 130 pound dummy and a wheelchair accessible shower all for practice.

  • The new culinary classes have upgrades from the current culinary rooms. With almost all new tools and supplies, this room is an upgrade for culinary students.

  • In the new CTE building they have a new water bottle refill station. Water bottle refill stations are convenient and easy for refilling water bottles.

  • In the new CTE building everything seems brighter and more modern. These bright orange chairs and new tables are an upgrade from what we have in Maize High School.

  • The new CNA room with desks and mock hospital beds. This new room and curriculum will help students become more prepared for the nursing field and beyond.

  • This is the commons section of the CTE building. This large open space is accompanied by large screen T.V.s and two study nooks.

  • Graphic design students working to set up the new computers. These students will be using mostly the same curriculum from the previous building.

  • Broadcast students recording video to get practice for their new class based in the new CTE building. The new equipment provided with the building will help increase their technical experience.

  • Two students walk to work in the new study nooks. These nooks are outfitted with comfortable chairs, white boards and plenty of working space.

  • This is the new culinary arts room completely updated from the current ones. Culinary arts students are learning in a new state of the art cooking environment, with industrial level sinks and updated cooking equipment.

  • This is the new aviation engineering room where students are building a certified airplane. Students are being guided by current college aviation engineers and flight instructors.

  • This is the main hallway in the new CTE building, where most of the classes branch off from. The CTE building opened on January fourth but is still under construction.

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