Movie Review: Fist Fight can hold its own in the ring of comedy

Christian Hurst, Reporter

Charlie Day rats out Ice Cube in the official trailer for “Fist Fight.”

“Fist Fight” presents a not-so-ordinary last day of school where seniors turn the school into a war zone with pranks, staff members comically trying to avoid being laid off due to budget cuts and two teachers organizing a brawl to top off the school year.

Charlie Day and Ice Cube do a fantastic job of presenting these two teachers. Day is a cowardly yes man that contrasts nicely with Cube’s no-nonsense, borderline psychotic, history teacher. Typically the word for characters interacting well with each other is called chemistry, but due to the relationship of these characters, they have a kind of reverse chemistry. Their interactions with each other are always interesting and funny but not in a nice way. I really enjoyed how Day’s character developed over the film as he balanced his classes, being the butt of senior pranks, his family life and his relationship with Cube’s character over the course of the film.

The supporting cast of Dean Norris, Tracey Morgan, Jillian Bell and Austin Zajur helped push the plot along nicely, offering support to Day’s character or acting as antagonists during some parts. X’s character was by far my least favorite, because her jokes were overly sexual and never seemed to land as well as the others.

The hectic last day of school and Day’s adventure during it are a fun, somewhat stressful, time are by far worth the price of admission. And, if you’re concerned they back down from the brawl at the end, don’t worry, there is a fist fight.

You can watch the green band trailer for “Fist Fight” here.