2016 seniors predict where they will be in 10 years


The senior class of 2016.

Aaron Bingham Hugh Hefner. Adam Branson Living in Florida with my family and have my own airplane. Addison Wegerle I hope to be playing in an orchestra, playing soundtracks for movies. Adison Shahan Out of school. Married. Maybe kids. Adrian Petty Working at MOXI Junction. Adrianne Hansen Have a good job. Be in a university college. Maybe be a fashion designer. Aidan Harrod Still in college going towards a PhD in biochemistry and genetics. Aiden Stilwell Living it up with a dog. Alan Sanchez ¬†Working in a graphic design industry. Alex Hydock Not in Kansas. Alex West Working for a magazine or design firm in a big city! Alexia Gonzalez Sleeping in a bed of money. Alexis Arnold Working with a great interior design company in NYC. Alix de Mestral Probably somewhere I wish I wasn’t. Allie Jurgensen I’m hoping I will be finished with my schooling, having my RN and being a ICU nurse or a college softball coach. Allison Pieschl I will be a college grad, drama teacher, homeowner, a wife and a mom. Allyson McDaniel Working as an artist in a design studio, making art all day to be put into galleries and even into product design and advertisements. Alyssa ListerI will have finished the police academy and went to a four year college for a master’s degree to become a detective. Anthony Bianco Out of high school. Anthony Tran I’ll be settling down with a wife and starting a family with a stable job in either the business or tech field. Ariana Kopycinski Probably in a crappy apartment with a cat and kissing my completed dissertation. Ashley Gonzales Assisting in dentistry. Ashley Rathbun I will be at some school, not sure where yet, but I’m going to be a pre-K teacher somewhere. Ashley Zane I will hopefully be finishing up physical therapy school and planning out a family with my husband. I will most likely stay close to my family in Kansas. Aubrey Cole Married with at least two kids and a corgi and coaching volleyball. Austin Schneider I will be volunteering in the community. Bailey Dreher I hope to be working at a good job and living in Colorado. Becca Zinabu Married to Liam Englert with a degree and a kid. Ben Emerson On a mountain top living with my best friend, Cam, and his goats. Blake Kirkman My house. Braden Fountain I see myself working as a engineer, and having a family. Braden Godfrey Have a job in welding. Brandon Pugh Have a reliable job. Brandon Teter On the beach in Cancun. Breanne Smith Settled down, married with babies. Hopefully I will have graduated from nursing school with higher schooling started. Breonna Fox Having my own business. Brett Moon Hopefully I’ll be 28. Brett Young Running my own dental practice. Brittani Ladehoff Married with children, having a good start in my career. Broc White I hope to be out of college and starting my own event planning/venue business. Brooke Arnold Married with a great career. Bryn Kovacic Married, living somewhere that’s not Kansas. I’ll have a baby on the way after I open up my own office as a marriage therapist. Cameron Schultz Chilling in a mountain home, maybe with a herd of goats. I’m optimistic. Cheyenne Hillman I would really like to be a general surgeon in the Navy. Chloe Yocky Steady job somewhere where it’s warm, hopefully I am married and have a kid or two by then, no promises. Christian Alvarez Working as a fortune teller. Christian Laursen I will be a singer performing my songs all over the world spreading love and positivity. I will be on the radio, on TV (the Grammys), and going on world tours. Most importantly, I hope I am content living my life as the person I want to be. Ciara Shaw Teaching college psychology and also being a psychiatrist for all ages. Cody Noel Racecar driver. Cole Moses I’ll be in South America. Colton Slusser 28. Connor Holmes Living on my own. Curtis Pivarnik Being a financial advisor somewhere, or something. Danei Aviles I want to be living in Puerto Rico with my family. Danielle Buchanan I plan to be a mom and working with younger kids, whether at a daycare or being a teacher. Daulton Tawater I never think of the future- it comes soon enough. Daylan Dindayal Living on my own with a decent paying job. Looking for a wife to be with. Delaney Kerner I hope to be teaching a fourth grade class. Delanie Pierce I see myself in a cute, little house with my one daughter and pro football player husband and we will be nestled up in Canada by waterfalls and rainbows. Delanie Randolph Done with college and living a fun life. Dominic Dixon Boeing manger. Dominic Glendining I’m going to build my mom a new house and paint it pink. Dylan Tomlinson In the sky. Elizabeth Christensen I hope to be starting my own little family with my lovely husband. I plan to be living somewhere in the city in a great school district similar to Maize. I can see myself being involved in the sports that my children participate in. I’m so excited for what my life will be like in just a few years. Emily Beaver If we are being optimistic, I see myself in my last few years of my residency out of medical school. You are hopefully looking at the future Doctor Beaver, OB/GYN. Emily McGehee I will be a captain in the military, and being the head of an important unit doing great things for this country. Emily Ridder Out of Wichita, getting into pediatrics. Emma Claybrook I will be doing genetic research on cats to figure out how to make them love me. Eric Hanna Not sure, I hope to be in game design. Erik Sanchez Working. Erin Oelze Kicking Katie out of my house because she ate all of my food. Gabryelle Winegarner Not sure, hopefully graduated from college and traveling the world with my pilots license. Giacomo Rotella I don’t want to know. Grace Bartlett I hope to be teaching first grade anywhere, and living with my husband and kids. Hallie Bontrager In 10 years I will have found my dream job working as an international missionary/photographer. Hannah Costello In ten years, I hope my hard work in pharmacy school will have paid off, allowing me to fulfill my lifelong goal of being a pharmacist. With any extra money, I hope to be traveling the world with the man of my dreams. Hannah Metcalfe I will be working and living on my own. Hayden Thurman Not here. Hayley Short Either a kindergarten teacher or Kim Kardashian’s personal makeup artist. Holly Hill I will be in the middle of travelling the world with little more than my suitcase and my dreams of seeing everything this world has to offer (as it turns out, it has quite a bit). Isabel Baumer I’ll be getting a good night’s rest after a long day at the hospital. Because I am a responsible adult who loves my job and plan on doing it for the rest of my life. Isabella Terrill I will be a psychologist at a hospital in either Washington or New York. Isabelle Rawley I will be done with school, and working at a profession that I enjoy. I would love it if I was still with the person I love (and possibly a cat), and if maybe I could have a piece of writing published as well (or at least finished). Isaiah Shaw I’ll rent a house or apartment, or something. Jaci Mitchell Wherever the wind takes me. Jacob Nichols Either opening my own nutritionist business, or employed by Kroger or some other large food company as a nutritionist. With a wife and at least one child. Jaiden Soupene While I constitutionally will not be eligible to run for president since I will be 28, I hope to be involved in the political arena at some level. James Myers Hopefully not dead with Ben and Cam in a mountain home with Cam’s goats. Jana Headding Where I plan to be in 10 years is still living in Wichita. Being married having a few kids, done with school and teaching at an elementary school. Living on a bunch of land with a big country house and two dogs: a black lab & a golden retriever. Jason Hanna II Married with two kids. Jason Tejano Hopefully with a family, a home with not too much college debt. Jennifer McIntyre I am going to continue my work as a government plant and learn as much as I can about the teenage mind. Jeremy Schumock ESPN or Hog Wild still. Not sure which yet. Only time will tell. Jesse Ellis Probably getting a new heart. Jet Warren In ten years, I hope that after my schooling I can get a pretty rad job in storyboarding. Also traveling the world with the woman of my dreams would be pretty awesome! JJ Falcon Kicking back in Australia in my mansion. Jon Super Chilling with my homies in the mountains. Jordan Goetzinger Living somewhere other than Kansas with my husband and enjoying my job as an elementary school teacher. Jordan Griffitt Calling the Kansas City Royals winning their 13th World Series on the radio next to Denny Matthews. Jordan Phipps A doctor. Joseph Silvey A small house and working in construction. Josi Johnson In 10 years I will be working at my dream job and will be happily married with kids on the way. Justin Marcotte I’d love to be a physical therapist as soon as possible while running a nonprofit for veterans. Justin Moore Cop. Justin Noble I will be living with my wife, two kids, one dog (golden retriever), one cat (orange tabby) and a big backyard to run around and do stuff in. I will also be working for a major sports team. Kaitlin Reko Married and traveling the world. Kameron Swenson I am hoping to be in my dream job. I still do not know what my career path is. Katherine Inman Eating Erin’s food. Katie Stanger At a successful job and ¬†beginning of a family. Katy Tucker I hope to be married with a kid (or kids) and doing whatever God has called me to do! I believe that is being a teacher and possibly teaching out of the country. Kaylea Stuart I want to be in residency after finishing medical school, or a pop star, who knows? Keelah Warden In ten years I will be in my residency for a medical profession. Kirby McCandless I will own my own orthodontics practice and have a cute family. Kirsten Roberts Graduated from college and married. Korina Rowley I hope to be a police officer in Chicago. Kyle Nardi Still playing golf. Kyle Sisco Working with Wichita Fire Department. Kyler Helm ¬†Successful job with a family. Kyrsa Krier I will be working at a nice dental clinic, I will have 2 kids, and an amazing husband! Lauren Hills Owning my own veterinary practice. Lauren Paul Living in a beautiful state, on the coast, pursuing a career that I love. Also, I hope to be planning a long trip in 10 years, and preparing to go to Europe and many other places around the world. Lindsey Semsroth Married with a great job as an EMT provider. Lucas Farney I will be in California making movies. Luke Hunter Playing professional baseball, soccer, and basketball on the Tideway team. Macy Ellis I see myself having season passes to all the St. Louis Cardinals baseball games and a private jet to fly me there to watch my husband, Michael Wacha play. Madeleine Rice Owning a veterinary clinic with Maggie Ferb. Madeline Levey Out of dental/orthodontist school and starting my own orthodontist practice, not in Wichita. But that is dreaming really big. Madi Olson Elementary teacher. Madison Castillo Living in Miami, Florida and still do track and work. Madison Fitzmier Singing as a career, I would love to be a praise and worship leader. Madison Worm I will be living somewhere in the middle of the nowhere, spending my time as a beekeeper/ artisan cheese maker. Maica Parga Married to someone who is also my best friend at the time, with a fat cat named Gouda. Makaela Glendening Living in my own house and having a job. Marcus Ballenger Traveling the world and learning how different cultures stay fit and healthy. Margaret Ferb A successful veterinarian. Married with maybe a kid. Mariana Alves With my family, house and kids. Marissa Wright Doing something with my life. Maryssa Recio In ten years I hope to have a college degree, with a great job, and having a family of my own. Matthew Freese On a mountain with Luke, Jamie, Cam and Cam’s goats. Megan Anderson I plan to be done with medical school and opening up my own family practice, or joining a practice or joining Doctors Without Borders to help those in need of medical care who don’t have any. Megan Dean Making a lot of money with a husband and a lot of dogs. Michael Rivas Married living in Europe. Miguel Santana Working as a music professor for a good college. Mikaela Stevenson I want to have a family started and be settled in a job in marketing. Getting ready to move somewhere away from Kansas. Miles Medaris Just starting out at my first IP attorney job at a big corporation. Miranda Boswell Under a bridge, using my degree for warmth. Nadia McLean I will be traveling the world alongside the man I love, my camera and my pet dog. Nathan Bibb I don’t know. Nick Jones Out of college, married and maybe have some kids. Nick Springer At a major sporting event or cuddling my many kittens that I will adopt. Nicklaus Mathias I’d like to have a master’s in physics and a bachelor in mathematics. I might be teaching secondary education or postsecondary … unless my interests change. Nicole Goebel Owning my own hair salon and taking care of my son. Paige Doll Going into the career of my choice and building a life. Palmer Hixson Earning a master’s degree in sports medicine. Preston Barley I’ll be just starting my career after grad school. Regan Schenck With my husband, Zac Efron, celebrating the release of High School Musical 7. Rolando Rodriguez Fishing with my wife and kids on a badass boat. Or having a cookout in a nice backyard with all the homies. Sally Olmstead I’ll be a professional singer, performing nationally and internationally in operas and musicals. I’ll have probably gotten my master’s degree, and maybe even my doctorate. Sam Cohlmia I will be working on graphic design for a company from my home. Sam Wells San Diego Zoo. Samuel Baker Welding for any company that will take me. Sandra Carlo According to a Buzzfeed quiz titled, “Can We Guess Where You’ll Be in Ten Years?” I’ll be serving in a Political Office. Beyonce is a queen and so is Sandra Jeanne, you Knowles you want to vote for me! Santana Miller Being a psych nurse. Sarah Harrod I plan on attending medical school in the next 10 years. Sarah Payne Pediatrician. Sawyer Barragan Working in a Latin American country, teaching in a underdeveloped school. Scott Hershberger I will be finishing up my Ph.D. in mathematics and looking at postdoc job offers at various universities. Shae White I’ll be livin’ in a big house with my hot husband, maybe a few babies, some puppies and lots of money. Shelby Mabie Starting my surgical residency at a top hospital. Skylar Holman Working for Apple. Sophia Wagner Leading the research initiative to fight AIDS on a medicinal level. Sydney Finney Who knows? Sydney Logan I hope to be working in either South Korea or Japan as an English teacher building my fluency in the two languages so that I can pursue my desire to be a translator if I am not at that point already. Tahni March I want to have my own place in Austin, TX where I can be myself and do what I love in a place that makes me a better person. Tanner Vogel Doing construction work, coaching cheerleading and starting a family. Tara Wade Working at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City. Tatum Nevins Living in Texas, either going for my doctorate or owning my own business. Taylor Doan I will have a job that I love. Taylor Galbraith I don’t really know, I hope that I will being doing something that I love and be around people I love. Taylor Green In 10 years, I’ll probably be traveling around Asia trying all the food. Tiffani Holman I will still be pursuing a career as a veterinarian. Tina Ho A nurse by then. Travis Perkins Teaching band in high school somewhere. Trebor Rekoske Overseas serving for the country, possibly. Trent Marzan Deployed in a foreign country protecting our country. Trevonn Chaney Work at All Star Sports. Tristan Hogan Here as a professional landscaper and a gorillas keeper. Troy Baker Haven’t really thought about it. Hopefully married with my own house and a new car. Tyler Reyes Napping or playing video games after work. Tyler Stedman On a golf course. Victoria Bartlett I plan to be helping places all over the world rebuild by designing and building new structures. Victoria Deleon Done with nursing school and working. Will Mercer Being radically unimportant and mildly overweight. Zuleyma Contreras Being a neonatal nurse, in my own home in California.