Balling on a Budget for Valentine’s Day


Photo by Piper Pinnetti

Cold Stone Creamery has tons of flavors from birthday cake to sweet cream, which is blue with gummy sharks mixed in to celebrate Shark Week during the Summer.

Piper Pinnetti, Editor-in-Chief

A box of chocolates, handwritten notes, flowers- what’s not to like about Valentine’s Day with your special someone?

It is time for cupid to fly around Kansas again, and we have the perfect date ideas for under $20 for high school students that are “balling” on a budget.

The Wasabi Roll is $11.49 and the California Roll costs $3.95, each including at least eight pieces. Photo by Piper Pinnetti

Wasabi Sushi Bar West

Whether you are spending this holiday with a partner, friend, or even family, this sushi restaurant features the coolest types of sushi for cheap. Although Kansas is in the center of the United States, they still provide customers with excellent quality fish such as salmon, yellowtail, tuna, etc. The chefs go out of their way to make sure every dish is unique and delicious

The Wasabi Roll, for instance, has crunchy shrimp tempura inside, with a layer of green avocado. They are then drizzled in spicy mayo and eel sauce, and are finished with a fried, soft-shell crab on top. 

If your company does not enjoy raw fish, they also serve baked sushi- where all of the fish is cooked, soup, salads, and yakisoba. The yakisoba is a dish with noodles, onions, vegetables, and can have shrimp, chicken, beef, or even more vegetables added to it. 

Double Date to Cold Stone Creamery

Of course, spending time with just your boo can be just as fun, however, double dates are perfect for meeting your partner’s friends, or bringing the friend group closer together.

Perhaps everyone has been wanting to get together for a while now, Cold Stone has plenty of options for a sweet date.

With more than ten flavors on display and unlimited colors between the sprinkles, cookies, and other toppings, finding a perfect dessert is easy. 

Cold Stone’s menu also allows customers to order milkshakes that can be custom made to your preferences. The base-or flavor-of the milkshake is any ice cream flavor you choose, and a choice of mix-in toppings to make it the best shake you’ve ever had. 

Besides spending time with loved ones, and the amazing ice cream aroma in every Cold Stone, the delicious desserts will be the cherry on top to a perfect Valentine’s Day. 

Renting Bikes Around town 

The bikes can be taken around Sedgwick County Park. The water and tall trees are great scenery, the outside air is refreshing, and there is a park in the middle which features swing, slides and plenty of small children running around. Photo by Piper Pinnetti

Riding the bikes around town is a great way to get outside during these cold months. Depending on how long you ride them, they can be under $20.

To be able to ride the bikes, you will have to download the application Zagster. From there you will get a set of directions telling you how to unlock the bike, and Bluetooth will have to be on to connect to the bike. 

This is a perfect date for people who don’t want to be inside all day or want to explore the Wichita area. 

Maybe spending Valentine’s Day out does not sound great for a date. Maybe renting a movie at home and making a big bowl of buttery popcorn to share is perfect for your Friday night. 

Perhaps having a competitive battle on a video game  with your Valentine’s Day company is perfect and free. Regardless of how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, make this holiday of love one to remember.