Seven things to do while in quarantine

Ellie Stucky, Reporter

Ellie Stucky

Self-isolation is difficult and can get old really quick but it is extremely important to keep ourselves and others safe during this strange time.

Rather than scrolling endlessly through social media, maybe try something new to get your mind off of school and the stress of the virus and keep that temptation of visiting your friends at bay. Here are a few of my personal suggestions:


1. Plant a garden

The temperature outside is rising and spring is finally here. Make some good use out of this extra time at home to take care of a nice garden that will maybe even help you stay away from the grocery stores for an extra day or two. Starting from a seed may not benefit you as much now but buying some plants already in bloom would be a quick and easy way to start your garden.


2. Find a new hobby

If you have something you’ve wanted to try or do, there is no better time than now. Painting, embroidery, skating, video games, biking, baking, there are so many things to learn and there is so much time to learn them. They don’t need to be expensive either! Break out the tennis shoes and take up jogging. You can even learn new hobbies from your phone such as learning a new language or even sudoku. Hobbies come in all forms, you just have to find something that works for you.


3. Go outside

Just because we’re in self-isolation, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the nice spring weather. Even just doing homework on the porch or enjoying a meal outside is a good way to boost mental health. It’s much better than locking yourself in your room while still staying home. Finding any way to get out and soak in the nice day can be a nice alternative to watching the same shows in bed every day.


4. Re-organizing

If you’ve had the same room since your middle school or even elementary days, it may be time for a refreshing change. Put your bed in the opposite corner, take the sports or fairy stickers off the wall, whatever it is that gives you that little sense of change might be something worth doing. 


5. Helping the community

Whatever you can do to help keep our community up and running is always a good way to spend your time. Whether that be helping a local charity or buying from your favorite local businesses through online orders or just buying a gift card that you can use later when things get back to normal again. Anything that will help your local companies is a good way to improve the community and make you feel good for helping out.


6. Make masks

This is a crazy time and hospitals are running out of supplies everywhere. Helping those hospitals and the staff working there would be a great way to get rid of the boring times you’re experiencing at home. Making masks and donating them is an easy way to help out hospitals and medical workers in need.


7. Keeping in touch

A quick call to your grandparents or friends is such a good and easy way to keep in touch with your loved ones and it may just make their day. Loneliness is easy to come by during times of isolation but it can easily be cured by a quick dial and nice conversation. Talking to someone you miss and love can be so helpful to keep your head up and to not only think about the thing keeping us from each other.

Social distancing will help to flatten the curve of COVID-19 and help keep medial workers and our loved ones safe. Stay home and do something you’ve never done or help where you can help. It’s all important in these trying times.