Boy’s bowling wins regional tournament

Brooklyn Blasdel, Sports Editor

Courtesy photo
The bowling team wins the regional tournament last weekend and will be advancing onto the State championship.

Last weekend the bowling team won their regional tournament in Hutchinson and will be advancing onto the state championship. Bowlers included senior Grayson Graham was also the regional champion, junior Arron Watkins was a 10th place medalist for the men as well, while junior Mary Rozner placed tenth for the women. Other teammates included senior Mason Reed, juniors Vaughn Vest, Eli Twist and sophomore Chaz Smith.

“I thought we had a good chance to make it in the top three to state,” Graham said. “Winning it kind of just boosted our confidence on more than what it really was.”

Graham said winning was unexpected considering he was down going into his second game. But the senior was able to focus and bring it back to win the title.

“I was a little surprised,” Graham said. “Going in I was 20 pins down from first place and then that kid ended up shooting a game about 40 pins lower than I did my last game.”

While Maize was focused on playing to the best of their ability, there were still other teams on the student’s minds. 

“I think our biggest competition would have been Salina Central,” Graham said. “I think everyone was fairly even across the board, it was all kind of a shooting for first place.”

Junior Mary Rozner said she was focused on her game as well, but the nerves started getting to her when she started her round.

“I wasn’t nervous at first,” Rozner said. “And then I started bowling and I got really nervous because I went in there thinking I’m definitely going to make it, and then I got really nervous but I still made it.” 

Rozner has been to state before, but says she is hoping she can improve on her game at state this year.

“I’m hoping I do better this year than I did last year,” Rozner said. “I know last year I got really upset with myself really easily. So I’m hoping to do better and control my mental game.”

State will be this Friday at North Rock, Graham says he hopes that students will come out and support the team.

“Everyone’s invited out to come,” Graham said. “I know bowling seems boring, but there will be a lot of high competitors there and it’s kind of fun to watch.”