Archery team has first state tournament


Chantelle Hoekstra, Journalist

The Maize archery team went to a state tournament on Saturday, March 30 in Pratt.Their group of seven members was too small to compete as a team, so they all had to compete as individuals. Their highest ranking student placed 11th.

Victor Mercado, who teaches the outdoor education class and leads the archery team, expressed that he was just happy to go attend the tournament.

“[I like] that we just got to go,” Mercado said. “We’ve never had an archery team compete at a state tournament. Nobody’s ever done it.”

Mercado’s team works with the National Archery in the Schools program, allowing the team to use compound bows, the same kind that professionals usually use. They can handle up to twenty pounds of pressure to allow them to shoot and are able to shoot from ten to fifteen meters.

Mercado said he was also happy about the amount of people that were competing at the tournament. Although, because of their small team, members wish more people would join.

Riley Hunter, a member of the archery team, said she believes many people would enjoy the archery team or even a club if they would give it a chance.

“I feel like they should open a club at the school,” Hunter said. “But it takes a lot of money and funding. I also don’t think a lot of students would buy into that.”

Hunter expressed what she enjoyed most about the tournament and said she just enjoyed the experience.

“I did it more for enjoyment than anything else,” Hunter said. “It’s definitely challenging, and I like a challenge. I like competition.”