Maize sophomore wins national champion in the folkstyle tournament this weekend

Carter Jones and Devyn Raile, Reporters

Bryce Hughbanks
Sophomore Kyle Haas stands on the first place podium after defeating his opponent in the weight group 195 during the Folkstyle Junior National tournament.

This weekend, coach Bryce Hughbanks took freshman Keaton Patterson, sophomores Kyle Haas and Cayden Hughbanks, and junior Junior Camacho to the folkstyle national tournament this weekend in Iowa. Kyle Haas pulled out the win for a second year winning the Folk Style Nationals junior 195 title.

The wrestlers left for Iowa last Thursday after months of preparation. Haas and his teammates met with wrestlers from around the country in Iowa City to face off in multiple matches over the weekend.   

“Everyone I wrestled was from different states, like the kid in the finals was from California and the kid I had before that was from North Dakota,” sophomore Kyle Haas said.

Haas had to overcome some challenges to secure his spot on top. Although, Haas was ranked towards the bottom and wrestling older opponents, he showed that his talents are not to be overlooked.

“I was at the bottom of juniors,” Haas said. “Last year was my last year of cadets. I don’t have a good birthday, so I had to the next age group above, which means I’m wrestling all older kids.”

There was no pressure for Haas. He was there to wrestle and enjoy the tournament.

“I knew I didn’t have anything to lose because it’s a national tournament, there’s nothing on the line, no one’s watching you,” Haas said. “You just have to go out there, wrestle, and not worry about anything. So it’s really just a fun tournament all and all.”

Although there were some obstacles to beat, Haas went into the tournament with a positive state of mind and refused to let the fear of losing get to him.

“Usually being nervous gives me this mental block,” Haas said. “I didn’t worry at all, I just wrestled.”