Students look forward to traveling over spring break

Chasley Garcia, Reporter

Steamboat Ski Resort nestled up in the mountains of Steamboat, CO. Sophomore Makenna Williams will be traveling to Steamboat.

Spring break is a perfect and ideal time for families to travel. Many students at Maize are taking up that opportunity to travel and explore. Some are going to icy places and others going to warm, sunny resorts.

As for sophomore Makenna Williams, she has decided to go to a snowy ski resort in Steamboat, Colorado for the third time.

“I am actually really bad a skiing and I’m probably gonna fall,” Williams said. “I fell off the mountain last year, I was going and my Ski got caught and I was on the steep edge and I literally just went over it and I was flying for so long, it was so bad.”

Sophomore Daelynn Iceton is driving to Oklahoma City, flying to Texas, then flying to Cancun. This will be her second time going and she hopes it will be as fun as the last.

“I went last summer in July too, but this time my uncle and my aunt and my two cousins are flying down from Canada to go with us so I am really excited,” Iceton said.

Iceton is going to the Moon Palace Resort, which is all inclusive so she mentioned that she could travel from her resort to sister resorts. Iceton is excited so soak in some rays of sunshine on the beach.

Sophomore John Shaar is heading over to the sunny beaches in Tampa, Florida to visit his grandparents. Shaar is excited to spend a week with his family.

“We are going to Florida to enjoy the warm weather and go to the beach, you know, just hang out.” Shaar said.