Eagles win Homecoming game

Casey Loving, Reporter

Coach Grill and players on the bench react to a controversial call on the court. The Eagles defeated Hutch 53-38.

The Eagles defeated Hutchinson in their Homecoming game 53-38 after keeping a lead throughout the game.

Senior Antonio Espinoza , who led the Eagles with 10 points, said he thinks it was important for the Eagles to keep their energy up for the whole game despite the solid lead.

“All of us are on each other,” Espinoza said. “Guys coming off the bench, they’re just trying to keep that same energy level as the guys who were on the floor before them. So I mean we’re just trying to push each other and we’re honestly just trying to make the lead as high as possible. It just looks better to people.

At halftime, seniors Alvin Le and Paige Wade were crowned as Homecoming king and queen.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it,” Wade said. “It was amazing, honestly. It was fun.”

Le also said he was thrilled to be named Homecoming royalty despite a mishap during the ceremony.

“It felt so awesome,” Le said. “I was actually embarrassed at first because my sash fell like a pair of pants onto the floor and I had to pull it up […] but other than that I’m really happy. Surprised.”

Both Le and Wade said one of their favorite parts of Homecoming week was getting to prepare skits for the Homecoming assembly, stress and all.

“I liked the skits,” Wade said. “The skits were very fun. They were fun to come up with too.”