Seniors share their most memorable moments


Adrianne Hansen My funniest memory would have to be a day in Algebra class. Where Mrs. Klock called my name and I was so focused on doing my work; I didn’t even hear her. When I finally did, I look up startled and say really loud, “I love you!” She was pretty confused and replied back, “I love you too?” Aidan Harrod I don’t have any stories. Alex Hydock A moment I will always remember is when Cole Moses and I got perms for wrestling state. The worst part was that after state was over we both had our hair re-permed. It was funny for the first week or two but after that I deeply regretted my decision. Alexia Gonzalez Leaving this school. Alix de Mestral Probably frantically trying to get my research paper done before midnight and turning it in on at 11:55. That was fun. Everyone needs to go through that once in their life, it’s a one of a kind adrenaline rush. Allie Jurgensen Playing softball when Maura Glatczak was playing shortstop and she tripped over the sprinkler head during a game. Allyson McDaniel While me and my friends were waiting to leave a class, two of my friends were playing a small game of tag and one of them pulled me in front of them. Then my friend poked me instead. I played along and began fake falling like she had stabbed me, but my backpack was so heavy that I actually began falling. My friend reached out her arms to catch me, but didn’t realize I was actually falling until I was on the ground. We all couldn’t help but laugh for a good five minutes. Anthony Tran I would have to go with the very end of my sophomore year. I was at Get Air and it was Teen Night. There were a ton of Maize kids there and I tried to be cool and do a front flip onto a trampoline and broke my ankle in three places. Ashley Rathbun My favorite memory that I have had at MHS was my junior year and it was after school when the list for the next year’s choir was put up and I saw that I had gotten into Women’s Choir. Austin Schneider I spilled my drink on my friend. Bailey Dreher There are too many stories to count. Becca Zinabu My freshman year my friends and I did a “flash mob” for Spirit Week during all three lunches, and it was really embarrassing. Bethany Rich At a pep assembly last year, I was the girl representative for the junior class in a basketball shooting game. I sunk a three pointer to win the whole junior (now senior) class free Frostys from Wendy’s. One time, last semester I was walking in the halls during class and I saw a box of donuts in the teachers’ lounge. So, I walked in and grabbed myself one. I wasn’t even a TA or anything. The five minute freak storm in the middle of the night last year when we had an unexpected bonus day off of school.The terrible rain storm during prom last year was memorable and scary. It was pouring rain and we were on Kellogg when my date decided to reach to his backseat while driving, pull out a hairbrush and brush his hair as we were hydroplaning. Braden Fountain I tore my ACL during football and had to be on crutches for half of my senior year. Brett Moon During the last week of school, my friends and I skipped school to go to Sonic. When we got there Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Cannizzo were there ordering in the stall next to us. They asked why we were there, and we asked why they were there. We ended up getting in trouble. Cody Noel Clothes lining Justin Moore in Advanced P.E. during ultimate frisbee. Colton Slusser Tennis State Champs 2016… (Maybe). Delanie Randolph There’s honestly so many I can’t even pick one. Emily Beaver My story isn’t funny or outrageous, but it’s a low-key origin story. I have a group of friends who I love more than life itself and am so grateful for. However, when I moved here in the beginning of junior year, I had close to no friends. Halloween last year, otherwise remembered as the Maize versus Maize South football game of 2014, changed a lot of things. It was the first night I ever bonded with my current group of friends and I probably would have never been this close to them if it hadn’t been for the game. I wouldn’t trade that night of cheering and laughter for anything in the world. Hannah Costello One time during my senior year I said, “Hi,” to a cute boy in the hallway. Isabel Baumer I’m not saying that my four years have been boring, but I got nothing.Jason Hanna II I just love all of my athletic experiences with all the coaches here. Jeremy Schumock This year at the football game against Campus when we were live streaming and the game got postponed for lightning. When everyone went inside, the stream team and I stayed in our box truck. It started raining so we shut the door to the truck, but we forgot that we unplugged the outlets because it was, you know, raining. That being said, it was dark and we were just sitting there. I think it was Jordan Griffitt that started it, but within two minutes all five of us were singing Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. It was a great experience because by the end of the song, the delay was over. Jet Warren One time during my senior year a cute girl said, “Hi,” to me in the hallway. Jordan Griffitt I decided to try out for basketball my freshman year. I had never played basketball until a week before tryouts started; I was absolute garbage, but somehow did enough to warrant spot on the C-team. I was the last player on the bench, but I got into my game and ended up getting into a fight with a Bishop Carroll player. After the scuffle, I then dominated with a 4 point, 3 rebound game. That was the best game of my “Career” and a hilarious memory of my days in high school. Justin Noble This one time I was running and I fell. It hurt. Now that I think about it, this has happened more than once. Katie Stanger I don’t really have any super memorable stories, but I did enjoy the football game experience because I was with my friends and screaming loudly and having a good time. Kyle Nardi Being nominated for homecoming, most definitely. Ashley [Zane] and I chose Grease as our skit and practicing and performing is definitely something I’ll never forget. Kyler Helm Beating Derby in football my junior year and being able to be a part of a state championship run in 2014 with the baseball team and my cousin. Lauren Hills When I placed at state and my lifelong friends. Maica Parga One time I had accidentally said that I looked like a *choice word* too loudly and the substitute had just stared at me before laughing. It was probably the most embarrassing thing. Miranda Boswell No, thank you. Nadia McLean Although all of my Paris trip was memorable, when we first arrived we decided to buy crepes at this little stand. On the spot, we were a little overwhelmed by the fluent French speakers. In a panic, when Kaitlin Reko ordered her crepe she said, “Gracias.” The look on the salesman’s face was priceless. Nathan Bibb I’m a boring person. Nick Springer the Chemistry Club won the capture the flag competition my junior year. That was pretty exciting. We have our flag framed in Mrs. Shurts’ room if anyone wants to go admire it. Mrs. Shurts’ young daughter was the MVP of our team. Nicklaus Mathias The Emerson trio; Isabelle Rawley, John Kohl, and I messed around for weeks before we qualified for State Eco-Meet. Best few weeks of my life. Seriously. Nicole Goebel I remember transferring here from Bishop Carroll and thinking, “Wow, you guys have more than one art class?” Paige Doll When we were in yearbook class and Baylee Dobler was sitting in the chair and we were all talking. Then, she leaned back and the chair flipped over on her and we all died laughing for at least 30 minutes. Preston Barley When the swim team won state. Rebecca Zinabu One time, my friends and I did a flash mob our freshmen year for Stuco’s Spirit Week in front of all 3 lunches and I had to dress up as the Cowboy and it got worse each time and I’m glad it’s just funny no. Sam Cohlmia I come to school, take my classes, go home, make a sandwich and then sleep. Shae White On TP night with the Flygirls senior year, Maddy Rice and I really had to pee. We decided to just go in someone’s yard and as soon as our pants were down and we started peeing, their dogs started barking. Without thinking, we began sprinting with our pants around our ankles and ended up peeing straight down into our pants. We had to go back to her house to change before continuing the night. Sophia Wagner (Technically this happened outside of MHS, but I was with lots of MHS people) summer of junior year, I was in a wheelchair and went to an amusement park. Due to wheelchair inaccessibility, I was able to cut everyone in line (a small perk to literally being shattered from the waist down). One man didn’t understand why I was cutting him, so he started to loudly yell at me and my accompanied rider. I leaned forward and shouted, “Thanks for yelling at the girl in the wheelchair, guy.” He was immediately quiet. Sydney Logan I remember one time my sophomore year, we were having a party in Show choir and my friend, Ethan Gledhill, had found some fake foliage and put it around his neck. He then walked around and called himself “The King of the Forest”. We all found this incredibly funny, but it was what Mrs. Prater did next that shocked all of us. We were all sitting, eating ice cream when Mrs. Prater started sticking fake leaves from our Exotic Vacation set onto Ethan. She eventually covered him, and from then on we kept laughing about how Mrs. Prater had made Ethan an actual tree. Tahni March My most memorable moment was during my sophomore year at K-State. The marching band, along with me in the color guard, was about to perform on this incredibly intimidating football field and I just started to tear up. Months of practice led up to that moment in the spotlight and it was beautiful. I had to put a smile on my face and do my thang, and let me tell you, that was my best performance of my high school career. We got a 1 rating (which is the best you can do). It was amazing, and I’ll always have that moment to remember when I’m older. Taylor Galbraith Well, my freshman year my Gram had passed away from cancer and that is still so tough. She taught me so many things and was my best friend. We would always call each other “buddies”. It still hurts, but I know that she is no longer in pain and that she was a true believer in Christ. I know we can meet again. Around the same time my Aunt, who I was closer to, had been undergoing treatments to [cure] her breast cancer and my father was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. My Aunt and my Dad are both cancer free. My Gram made me who I am today and taught me unconditional love. I also joined yearbook this year and it has changed my life. I used to be so shy and confident. I was always hiding away and not many people would say much to me, but then when I joined yearbook I slowly got out of my shell. When my Gram passed I had sort of a void in my heart and no one can ever replace her, but my yearbook family has really filled my heart with a lot of joy and happiness that I kind of didn’t have when my Gram passed. I am so grateful to have had yearbook and it changed my life. Taylor Green It all started on August 24th 1998… Troy Baker Wasn’t here long enough to really have one. Tyler Stedman I didn’t do much in high school. Victoria Bartlett During my junior year I did not have very many friends until I took junior English. Mrs. Debes had us in a group circle to discuss the book, Into the Wild. I was sitting next to a girl named Kirsten and one of us said something funny about the book. We sat there for probably five to ten minutes laughing. I later messaged her on Facebook and then we became friends. It was not until later on that I realized that I found my best friend.