Significant o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶s̶ best friends

While some couples come together over movies or more traditional activities, Magnus and Brielle bonded through a good game of paintball, while Logan and Brekkyn enjoy a rehab shopping spree.


Visual by Trevor Sites

Sophomore Magnus Lind and junior Brielle Gold go out and paintball at least once a month to help bond with each other. They go to the Edge paintball in Maize and play around 30 minutes each game and have even played against each other in a friendly competition a time or two.

Teagan Redinger, Editor

Many couples go to the movies or dinner for date night, but have you ever thought about bonding over a friendly game of paintball?

Maize South junior Brielle Gold and Maize sophomore Magnus Lind have found that they enjoy spending their time together on the paintball field, along with other activities. 

“[Paintballing] is something very fun and intense, plus it gets all of the anger and any other negative emotions out on the field,” Lind said.

Their relationship started when they were both in the MCA and they found each other over chatting through video games.


Visual by Trevor Sites

“We first met during school when I was at the MCA and we started talking during Encor and eventually we started playing video games with each other,” Gold said.

While going from being friends to being in a relationship can be exciting, there can be some challenges. Maize seniors Logan Grindstaff and Brekkyn Pierce have been dating for six years and have seen each other grow as people.

“We started off like a normal young couple, being kind of shy but we have grown through the years to become a lot closer,” Grindstaff said.

Grindstaff shares how his relationship with Pierce has matured and how since they have known each other for so long, they can read the other’s mood. 

“We make sure we understand and agree with each other to make sure we don’t fight all of the time over little things,” Grindstaff said. 

Pierce agrees and continues to say when they spend time with each other they try to make it as special as they can to really enjoy each other’s company.

“Logan and I hang out a lot and spend a lot of our free time doing things together regardless if it’s big or small like going to the movies or running errands together,” Pierce said.  “We also make sure that we aren’t together too often so when we are together it continues to feel special.”

Both couples claim that their significant other is their best friend as well as someone who they trust. Whether it’s running errands like Grindstaff and Peirce, or competing on the paintball field like Lind and Gold, they all have found a best friend in their partner. 

“I would consider Magus to be my best friend as he is someone that I can rely on whenever I need anything,” Gold said.