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There are many students who don’t feel like they fit in, especially in high school. With different cliques in high school, some teenagers feel as they don’t fit in. The numerous amount of clubs both at Maize and Maize South allow students to participate in something unique to them.

Leah Brown, Reporter

MSHS math club poses for a group picture after ending a math competition. MSHS has 35 clubs in total. Photo by Tina Dang.

One club at MSHS and MHS is an electronic gaming group called esports. With the club only being 5 years old, the groups have around 12 members at MSHS and 15 at MHS. In esports, the club members compete in several video games against other teams across the country. As of November 2021, they play “Rocket League”, “Call of Duty,” and chess. However, in the past, they have played “Overwatch” and “Madden”.

The MSHS team is sixth in the nation out of 1,900 teams. 

“The team is really fun,” coach William Vinduska said. “Students meet new people and make new friends. Students work together to have fun and get better at their games. This year the team is really doing a good job at building each other up and supporting one another.” 

The High School Esports League awards around $100,000 in scholarships every year to teams that win tournaments in different games. 

“Hopefully this year we will qualify because our team has improved,” Viduska said of the tournament.

Another club is the Anime Club. There are 25 members in the club at MSHS, and sponsor Amanda McMillan said the club had a costume contest in October and an art competition in November. In the spring, the anime club is super excited about the anime conventions. One goal that the club has is to see who is interested, since the club’s reboot. The clubs’ environment is very welcoming to new members, a lot of the members said that the club allows you to form really good relationships with one another who all enjoy anime.

At MHS there is a Dungeons and Dragons club. MHS’s club has 46 members and the club sponsor is Jodee Johnson. The D&D club meets every Monday after school in room D11. 

Students talk while getting ready to start playing D&D. MHS has a total of 47 clubs. Photo by Jodee Johnson

Junior Michael Houseman has been in the D&D club for almost four years. He started when he was in eighth grade, joining his older brother. 

“I think people should join this club because it’s a very fun hobby you can do with anyone. I have enjoyed it for many years.” Houseman said. 

MSHS’s  Mu Alpha Theta Math Club competes in math competitions with like-minded numerologists, design thought-provoking T-shirts and meddle in math competitions. The club sponsor is Ishin Kim, and there are 10 members in it. The club participates in annual contests at Emporia State, Friends, Pitt State and battles with other schools online during Math Madness in the fall. 

“You should join the math club because of all the new people you get to meet,” said Victoria Weir, a senior member of the club. 


Senior Nicole Sayler said she has enjoyed math club all four years she has been in it. 

“It’s a great thing to put on a resume,” Sayler said. 

The math club members agreed that if you aren’t the best at math, it would be a great opportunity to improve and let others help you get better.

“The club environment is welcoming and laid back”, Weir said.