MSHS Blood drive helps save lives around the world

Ty Rains, Fusion Editor

Blood is a necessity for almost all kinds of surgeries. According to the American Red Cross, the demand for blood is higher than ever, causing a shortage across the country. However, Maize South students across the school gathered to solve that problem at their annual blood drive.

To get blood, you need donors in your area willing to give. Community Adjuvabit Club of Wichita sponsor Mark Bradshaw takes the lead in gathering students who are eager to help out their community in any way possible.

“I’ve sponsored CACOW volunteers here at Maize South for about six years,¨ Bradshaw said. ¨This year I took over as faculty sponsor of the National Honor Society. Both groups are composed of students looking to serve their community, and although we have several out-of-school opportunities, many students also really want to volunteer on campus and at school. The fall and spring blood drives are a perfect fit that provides a huge benefit.”

The Red Cross has an age restriction of 16 years old. Now with students of age, they are available to give blood. Junior Ryan Woodruff was looking forward to his first time donating.

“The reason that I gave blood is so that I can help people,” Woodruff said. “I’ve always loved doing it and now that I’m 16, I could finally give blood.”

Without blood donors, surgeries that require donated blood would not be able to happen. Bradshaw wants to prevent that from happening by voicing how ¨critical¨ it is to give blood.

“The Red Cross reports that in this country, someone needs blood every two seconds,¨ Bradshaw said. “Some of it’s planned, like for surgeries; some of it’s unplanned, like accidents and injuries. Beginning to give blood now can help create a lifelong habit that could save or improve dozens of people’s lives.”

Woodruff believes that with just a small donation of blood, you could save somebody’s life.

“People don’t understand how much blood is needed around the world… it’s a lot,” Woodruff said.

For more information on how to give blood, visit the American Red Cross website.